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Omaha Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation is often necessary for seniors who have experienced a bad fall, stroke, or other accident or illness. The therapy services offered during rehab help people come to terms with what has happened to them and help them rediscover their strength. You do not have to attend a particular rehab facility, but can instead receive services at a nursing home or assisted living location with room for it.

Rehab Options and Associated Services

Numerous rehab options exist. Each possibility has associated services that you can utilize. Occupational therapy, for example, allows you to work on daily activities you have to perform at home. Your therapist may show you better ways to eat comfortably, how to label cabinets so you can remember where things are, and other methods that just make life easier to handle once you get home. Speech therapy might have you working with flash cards to correlate words with pictures. During physical therapy, you will stretch, walk, and flex your muscles.

Facilities in the Omaha Area

Several facilities provide rehab in Omaha. St. Joseph Villa Nursing Center and Rehabilitation is one option. The state-of-the-art therapy gym offers plenty of space for numerous patients to work with their therapists at once. While one uses the exercise balls, another could practice their walking with the balance bars.

The Douglas County Health Center is very patient-centered, focusing on the needs of the individual. You can try therapy in the designated area or have the therapist come to you if you are not feeling well that day. He will work with you right in your room if need be, simply getting you to walk across the room with the help of a walker or use flash cards for speech and memory therapy.

You do not have to choose your facility right away. Take your time and pick a place that best suits your needs. You can ask around to get recommendations from friends and family before settling on your final decision. They may have some insight for you.

Characteristics of an Ideal Center

The ideal center would employ courteous employees who treat you like family. They are always available to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable. The state should license the therapist you work with, and he should be skilled at providing tailor-made sessions to every person. You also want a facility that is well-kept, as an unhealthy environment is stressful and harmful to our health. As long as the place meets these characteristics, you can be sure you have found the right choice.

Insurance Options for Care Coverage

Insurance is the first thing you should consider when paying for rehab. Will your insurance cover the care or do you need to pay out of pocket? Chances are, your provider will cover the costs. You just need to be sure you meet their qualifications, such as having benefits remaining in the month and having written consent from a doctor approving the services. Medicare and Medicaid are the first two options you should utilize. If you do not qualify for either, you will have to use long-term care insurance from a private agency at a greater cost to you.

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