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Omaha Neighborhood Guide

With a population of more than 434,000 people, Omaha is a major city to reckon with. It is known for its legendary steak and even has bragging rights for its delicious beef and bacon. With so much popularity surrounding its meat, Omaha is a food lover’s dream come true. Meat is not the only thing Omaha has to offer, though. There are plenty of attractive qualities the city has to offer its residents.

Neighborhood Attractions

Downtown Omaha provides some of the best neighborhood attractions. Although it has a younger vibe for professionals, seniors and everyone in between can enjoy these attractions as well. Historical sites fill the area, yet many have been updated to reflect the modern times. With a pedestrian bridge overlooking the area, Downtown Omaha is one of the most walkable locations within the city.

Park East also proves attractive to residents and tourists alike. The community acts as a gateway between downtown and midtown. There is an abundance of commercial buzz and high rise buildings in this area. Entertainment is at the forefront of this neighborhood’s appeal, with the RoseTheater located here. Walk or cycle your way here and enjoy all the locale has to offer.

Joslyn Castle is near enough to the business district to be known as hip, but still offers a rural feel that many retirees can enjoy. There is also a relatively low cost of living here, making it an even more ideal place to live. Street parking is limited in the area, so it may cost to rent space in a parking garage. You can combat this problem by walking, taking a bike, or using public transportation between destinations.

Omaha Suburbs for Retired Generations

Many individuals within the retired generation want to settle into a quiet neighborhood where they can live the rest of their days in peace. Elmwood Park provides that peace of mind for seniors as it contains both the Elmwood 18 Hole Golf Course and Elmwood Park. You can enjoy some time in nature, taking in the sun, or you can hit the clubs and participate in a game with some friends. The choice is up to you.

Fair Acres creates another ideal location for retired living. It is just north of Elmwood Park and sits next to Memorial Park. The neighborhood offers plenty of green space to enjoy some recreational activities, even if it is as simple as going for a long walk through the wilderness. Daily walks could become your new favorite pastime.

Deciding on Where to Live in Omaha

Several decisions need to get made before you can fully decide on where to live in Omaha. You should not just pick out a neighborhood and start moving in immediately. The choice needs careful deliberation so you can be sure you are picking the ideal location to live out the rest of your life.

If you have a spouse, talk to him or her about what aspects are necessary for a neighborhood. Should you settle together in a quiet area, or would you rather live life to the fullest in the busiest part of town where everything is happening? Once you settle on an answer, you can begin narrowing down your community choices before finalizing your decision.

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