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Omaha In-Home Care

Care options fill the Omaha area. Seniors have the choice of staying at home and receiving care, moving to a nursing home facility, joining an independent living community, or using adult day services. There is no right option for everyone, as each person has a different set of needs and ability to pay for their services. Omaha residents should consider all the possibilities before making a final choice. Here’s an in-depth look at the in-home care and how it can be beneficial to you.

Omaha Home Care Agencies

Multiple home care agencies exist in Omaha. With more than 30 possibilities, there is a company for everyone to utilize. It just takes finding the right one, based on their qualifications, staff members, and licensing. You also need to find one that accepts your insurance, as not every place accepts Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Nebraska has a strict set of laws when it comes to professional and occupational licensure. Any health-related agency, home or otherwise, cannot provide care unless the state of Nebraska properly licenses them. Companies that administer medications or assist with medication management must apply to do so. You should never work with a home care agency until you verify their license with the state to ensure you are working with a professional business. You can even search the company on the Nebraska Better Business Bureau.

Before deciding on a home care agency, you may also want to check out the reviews on Numerous past and present clients have left feedback regarding different companies:

“The kindness and flexibility... was wonderful,” indicated one reviewer.

One customer stated their home care agency was, “very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to working with Medicaid.”

“I had meals cooked for the day, chores were done, my personal hygiene was completed, and (I was) comfortable with the care plan,” says a client.

Another discussed how “they have been reliable.”

“Professional, reliable, friendly service,” indicates yet another regular.

Reviews indicate professionalism, dependability, kindness, and flexibility are key when it comes to finding the right caregiver. An unprofessional person who is not dependable or kind would not last long in the home.

In-Home Care on Your Schedule

Everyone’s schedule is different, and that includes the times of day you receive home care. You may require a night nurse who comes in the evenings, or you might want someone to assist you during the day time hours. The schedule depends on you and your family and is indicative of the services you need. If you use multiple caregiver options, you may have one person come at a certain time, and another come later in the day to avoid overlapping appointments. Whatever schedule you want to set is entirely up to you. You just need to be sure all parties are aware of the timeframe you set.

Senior Care Tools: In-Home Care Options

In-home care options are great tools to add to your senior toolbox. Pair these with personal assistance and online shopping, and you have yourself a full list of resources to utilize. Personal assistance services include help with daily living. An assistant will dress you, bathe you, and offer care for a chronic condition. Medicaid covers the use of this service and allows you to choose your provider from their list of multiple choices.

Online shopping options come in handy for those who need to get groceries or go shopping, but are not able to themselves. You can avoid hiring a caregiver for these simple tasks by utilizing the many online shopping websites available. Services like Amazon Prime, for example, offer groceries, household goods, pet supplies, and much more. You can get your entire order delivered in just two days, all for a yearly fee.

Care options do not have to come from an agency if you do choose to go this route. You can hire a caregiver directly if you want to skip the middleman and avoid paying the fees. You just need to be aware that you are responsible for the entire process, from the initial searching stages to the interviews, and making the final hiring decision. It can be strenuous to complete each of these tasks but will be worth it in the end when you settle on a dependable caregiver to tend to your regular care needs.

Covering the Cost of In-Home Care in Omaha

The state of Nebraska offers Medicaid and Medicare options to seniors. Medicaid covers home health services, especially if there is proof that these services are needed, such as having a chronic medical condition or recent surgery. A physician can also indicate the need for these services based on their recommendations. You can contact your local DHS to discuss all possible care options. The Omaha OSB Office sits at 1313 Farnam St. The Omaha Sona Office sits at 5211 S. 31st Street. Another location is at 1500 N 24th Street, Suite 102, with one more at 1215 S. 42nd Street. All buildings remain open from 8 am to 5 pm, giving you plenty of time throughout the day to make your way to the nearest building and speaking with a representative about applying.

Medicare is more complex and has a variety of components. Part A, B, C, and D make up the entire insurance plan, with only a portion of services covered under each. The Nebraska Department of Insurance offers various event dates where seniors can attend “Welcome to Medicare” classes. You must call 402-444-6617 to register for one of the dates. You learn about each part of the plan and get to discover how to apply.

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, Omaha residents can expect to pay upwards of $49,000 per year on homemaker services, and closer to $53,000 annually for a home health aide. Medicare and Medicaid come in handy to help lower the amount you are responsible for in the end. These insurance options cover at least a portion of the costs, so you do not have to pay the full yearly expenses out of pocket.

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