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It’s common knowledge that the best way to avoid serious health issues is to get regular checkups, but is your regular physician the best person for the job?

Aging brings many physical changes and unique health worries that require a specialist who can tell the difference between a minor complaint and the beginning of something potentially life threatening.

Once you’ve reached age 60, it becomes necessary to change your regular doctor. Regardless of how many years you’ve relied on his or her services, once you reach late middle age you need a geriatrician; a doctor who specializes in the treatment of the senior community.

Omaha seniors can choose from many hospitals and medical professionals that will ensure that their golden years are healthy and as illness-free as possible. Continue reading to learn about the hospitals and doctors in Omaha near you.

Omaha Hospitals Providing Geriatric Care and Services

US News and World Report rates hospitals and doctors across America according to specialties and treatments offered, and in Omaha, many medical providers are classed as high-performing in a range of services important for seniors.

Nebraska Medical Center provides general medical and surgical care for Omaha residents and is nearly at the level of nationally ranked in eight adult specialties.

Locally, Nebraska Medical Center is rated high-performing for:


Gastroenterology & GI Surgery



Neurology & Neurosurgery



Significantly, Nebraska Medical is also high-performing for geriatrics, demonstrating the focus that the Hospital places on serving the senior community in Omaha.

Recently Nebraska Medical combined with two other organizations to form Nebraska Medicine, increasing the resources and services that they can provide the community.

Omaha seniors at Nebraska Medical will have access to a 621-bed acute care facility providing care to the extremely ill and critically injured.

CHI Health Bergan Mercy maintains a beautiful campus designed to instill calm in patients and their families. The services they provide include cardiology and vascular care, cancer care, emergency services, and all types of imaging.

CHI Health Bergan Mercy has been awarded a Pathway to Excellence designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Bergan Mercy is also a certified primary stroke center, ensuring the best possible outcome for Omaha seniors who suffer a stroke.

CHI Health Bergan Mercy is regionally ranked 5th for Nebraska hospitals and is rated high-performing in five adult procedures:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Heart Bypass Surgery

Heart Failure

Hip Replacement

Knee Replacement

Locating Geriatricians in Omaha

Finding a hospital that provides geriatric care or a geriatrician isn’t difficult. Start by asking friends and family who they use for geriatric medical care. A first-hand review is one of the best ways to learn who’ll serve your needs best.

Visit the websites of hospitals local to you and look for the geriatrics department directory; the list you find there should provide you with many candidates.

Then, try using online search tools like the U.S. News and World Report doctor finder. Visit and use the handy online search tool to find a physician near you.

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