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Omaha Financial Advisors

Everyone should have a financial planner. It is not just a helpful thing for people with money. Anyone of any income bracket should utilize the services to make wise investments and grow the amount they do have. If you are considering a financial advisor, look around the Omaha area to find one that best meets your needs.

Choosing to Work With a Financial Advisor in Omaha

You should want to start work with a financial advisor as soon as possible. The faster you get started, the sooner you can start saving money and making smart investments toward your future. Let your advisor know about any changes in recent months so he can switch your plan accordingly. Most advisors want to meet at least once a year even with no changes so they can be sure you are both on the same page with your financial future and plans.

Finding the Right Advisor in the Omaha Area

Not all advisors are right for everyone. Search the Omaha area high and low for your perfect financial counselor so you can be sure you are not settling for someone you do not trust. Your consultant should be someone you can confide in and trust, no matter what. Start by looking at the Better Business Bureau website. A full list of financial planning consultants shows up when you search. You can request quotes directly from the site, or use the contact information provided to schedule a consultation.

The National Association of Personal Finance Advisors, otherwise known as NAPFA, allows you to perform a search for local advisors near you. Type your city and state and click search to display the results. Companies from Omaha and surrounding areas show up on the screen, allowing you to choose from a full list of options. Each business listing includes a telephone number that lets you contact them directly to schedule a meeting. Hiley Hunt Wealth Management, Karstens Investment Counsel, and Callahan Financial Planning Company are just a few of the choices.

How to Choose Your Omaha Advisor

You can choose your Omaha advisor by deciding which criteria you most want him to meet. Most people narrow their search by considering a few top options, including:

Language Spoken - You may want to work with a consultant who speaks your native language, so it is easier to understand the financial jargon.

Compensation Type - You can select a counselor who only accepts fees or one who earns commissions on all sales.

Investable Assets - You may only have a small minimum investment, or you could have a large lump sum ready to invest.

Specialty - You can search by specialty and only use an advisor who specializes in elder care, long-term care, LGBT, retirement planning, or something else entirely.

The CFP Board website is the best tool for narrowing search results by these specific criteria. Use their search tool to look at results specific to the Omaha area. You can refine your search and see all possibilities that meet your requirements to ensure you find the best financial advisor for your needs.

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