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Omaha Family Caregiver Benefits

Caregiving for aging loved ones is hard work but can also be some of the most rewarding work. To give you the support and services you need, local government, non-profit agencies, and medical providers are offering assistance programs to caregivers. Here are some resources in Omaha to help you in your caregiver role.

Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging (ENOA)

ENOA offers services to help your loved ones stay home and assist you with care. You can find programs for care management, medical equipment and supplies, emergency response system, homemaker programs, meal delivery, senior centers, and personal care services. Give them a call to learn more about services in your area at 402.444.6536.

Nebraska Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association provides services, support groups, education, respite care, and awareness regarding the disease.

To learn about services available to you, contact the Alzheimer’s Association Helpline at 1.800.272.3900. You can call anytime – day or night. You can also get care consultation to make sure you are utilizing the best practices and services available.  

The Association offers many support groups that meet at different times and locations so you can reach out to others with Alzheimer’s and caregivers to share ideas, feelings, and concerns. If you prefer to connect online, the Association created an online community with message boards and chat rooms at There is also a telephone support group if you can’t make meetings and prefer to talk.

There are educational opportunities available throughout the Omaha area. You can also complete online training and review publications on the Association’s comprehensive online library.

The Association assists with respite care to give you a break. Qualifying caregivers may be eligible for financial help.

VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System

The VA offers a number of programs to provide the support that is right for you as a caregiver of a veteran. Below is an outline of some of the services available to caregivers.

To get you started and help you find the right programs, call the VA’s Caregiver Support Line at 1.855.260.3274 for a single point of contact. You can choose to be teamed with a licensed Caregiver Support Coordinator to help you find local programs. The VA also offers a Peer Support program to connect you with other caregivers for sharing ideas.

Adult Day Care Centers are available for veterans to provide a safe and fun environment. There are additional options for respite care for when you are unavailable or need a much-deserved break.

For home assistance, the VA will help with medical and nonmedical home-based care services. During advanced stages of a terminal disease, the VA offers home hospice care to keep your loved one comfortable. Hospice will also provide emotional support to the family.

Home Instead Center for Successful Aging

The University of Nebraska Medical Center offers services to help seniors age at home safely. These services include geriatric medicine clinic, community education, psychiatry clinic, preventative care, health screenings, nutrition services, clinical trial programs, exercise areas, and more.

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