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Omaha Estate Sales

Going through your loved one’s belongs after he or she dies can be extremely stressful. The process can seem daunting. The LA Times reported most people have about 300,000 different items. Individuals who are collectors or did not purge will have even more items.

Hiring an estate sales company can make this process run smoothly and quickly. Just take the items your family wants, and the company will evaluate, arrange the sale, and donate any leftovers.

What is the estate sale process

Before you call the estate sales company, it is important not to get rid of anything. There may be something of value even if you don’t think it’s worth much. Estate sales professionals will maximize your sale profits because they are familiar with the market and can perform research for items that could be worth money.

Hidden Treasures outlines the sales process on their website. First, you will set up a consultation. It’s important to know that many businesses are booked far in advance. The company will review all items and let you know the sales process. The company will sort, price, and display the home contents.

The company will advertise through email, social media, newspaper, and signs. Most companies have a database of regular customers to contact.

The preparation for the sale can take one to two weeks. The estate sale usually lasts over three days, and typically over a weekend. Some companies may also recommend using an online auction to increase the size of the customer base.

At the sale, the estate sale company will manage the sale through customer service, processing transactions, and providing proper security. Most estate sales companies accept credit card payments, which can increase sales.

You can attend the sale, but most estate sales companies recommend you shouldn’t attend because it may be too emotional for you.

The company will assemble an itemized statement of the sale. You will then receive your check for the proceeds of the sale (minus commission). You will receive your payment 2-3 days after the sale.

For remaining items, you can choose what to do with them. The businesses can help you with donations to local charities of your choice.


Fees vary per company. For example, some companies charge for the initial evaluation while others do not. The cost of the service is the commission of sale proceeds, which averages 35-40 percent. Prices may be higher for homes that have a larger amount of clutter. Some companies may charge to clean up your remaining items. It is best to get a list of all fees ahead of time.

Finding an estate sales company

Your family attorney or friends might be able to provide recommendations. Online reviews can also be helpful if they are from customers who used the business and not just shoppers.

You can also search the Nebraska Better Business Bureau website to find BBB-accredited businesses. During your search, look for a company that has either the American Society of Appraisers or International Society of Appraisers Certification. It is important to contact multiple companies to compare.

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