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Medicare in Omaha

Omaha residents looking at their insurance options can seek assistance from Medicare professionals. The insurance plan, tailored primarily to seniors, helps pay care costs that could otherwise not be afforded. There are plenty of resources in Omaha and elsewhere that you can find both locally and online to ensure you are getting the correct information regarding the plan.

Summing Up Medicare, Parts A Through D

Medicare is more than just one part. There are four separate components to the plan that make Medicare what it is today. Parts A, B, C, and D are the common names, although many people know them by other terms, such as hospital insurance, medical insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, and drug coverage.

Hospital Insurance: Part A - Refers to time in a hospital setting, hospice care facility, skilled nursing location, and home health care

Medical Insurance: Part B - Includes preventatives measures, such as lab work, x-rays, medical equipment, and doctor visits

Medicare Advantage Plan: Part C - Combines A and B into one plan provided by a private company

Drug Coverage: Part D - Covers prescription medications

Omaha Particulars On Medicare Beneficiaries

A total of $459 million gets spent on Medicare costs on Douglas County

Actual per capita Medicare costs reach $8,371

The average recipient age in Omaha is 71.

73,402 beneficiaries in Douglas County have both Part A and Part B coverage.

Omaha Offices That Help With Medicare

Medicare does not have its own office in Omaha. Instead, seniors looking to apply for the insurance plan can head to their local social security office for an application. The Social Security Administration has trained professionals ready to help customers fill out forms, discuss which documents must accompany the paperwork, and even request a replacement Medicare card if theirs was stolen or lost. The office sits at 604 N 109th Ct.

People who do not want to spend time waiting in line at the physical location can use the online website instead. An application is available to those who sign up for the “my Social Security” account. Seniors may also call the number at (866) 716-8299 during business hours to speak with a representative. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Medical Providers in Omaha Offering Medicare Acceptance

Not all medical providers accept Medicare. Some are privately owned and operated and therefore able to accept whatever type of insurance they please. To find medical providers in Omaha who do offer Medicare acceptance, you should visit the Medicare website. The site offers a unique feature that lets you search for a Medicare-approved doctor in your area.

Under the “sign up/change plans” tab, there is an option to “Find doctors, hospitals, and facilities.” After choosing this selection, a find and compare page will pop up. Choose “doctors and other health care professionals” from the list. You can then enter “Omaha, NE” and search for a specific specialty such as internal medicine. Multiple pages of possibilities fill the screen, providing you with a plethora of choices for nearby doctors and physicians who will accept your insurance and provide you with care.

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