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Medicaid in Omaha

The Omaha Medicaid program gives low-income individuals the chance to receive medical services. The no or low-cost options ensure everyone who qualifies receives care that they desperately need. Seniors are in particular need for care services as the aging process takes a significant toll on the body. Routine medical checks, procedures, and prescription medications are accessible to seniors thanks to Medicaid.

Receiving Medicaid Benefits in Nebraska

Not every person in Omaha gets to receive the advantages of having Medicaid. Only those who are in genuine need for the insurance option get to utilize the services it offers. Qualifying for Medicaid includes meeting age requirements and income stipulations. Seniors must be at least 65 to obtain Medicaid, and must also have a yearly income of no more than $16,000.

Help With Claims and Applications

It proves difficult for many seniors to file medical claims and even fill out the initial application on their own. Resources are set up throughout Omaha to ensure all senior citizens in need of assistance can receive it. Multiple DHHS Offices exist in Omaha to provide guidance:

Omaha OSB - 1313 Farnam St.; (402) 595-2890

Omaha SONA - 5211 S. 31st St. ; (402) 595-1787

1500 N 24th St  Suite 102; (402) 595-3700

1215 S. 42nd St.; (402) 595-2665

There is a Medicaid Eligibility Customer Service Contact for you to reach as well, at (855) 632-7633. The direct Omaha number is (855) 632-7633. You may also call the Nebraska Department of Insurance for any questions you need answering. Their number is (877) 564-7323. The Nebraska Senior Health Insurance Information Program also proves helpful. Reach them at (800) 234-7119.

Once you have contacted multiple offices and found all necessary information, you are then free to apply online if you desire. Otherwise, you can go ahead and submit a paper copy. The online form is available through the Nebraska DHHS website.

Senior Coverage Through Medicaid

Seniors often have a larger need for medical care. Their need is part of why Medicaid offers additional senior coverage options, such as adult day services, hospice care, and nursing home stays. Not all people receive the same amount of time with these options. You must discuss your particular ailment with your doctor and insurance provider and examine the choices you have. One may need a short stay in a nursing facility, while another person requires hospice care for an extended duration. Benefits may get approved as necessary.

Transportation Assistance to and from Appointments

People suffering from certain ailments are unable to drive and even unable to make it onto public transportation. These extreme cases require those suffering to get transportation assistance to and from their appointments. Non-emergency transportation is available through Omaha’s Medicaid program. You must call in advance and provide your health insurance information to schedule a ride.

Without notice, there is no guarantee that a spot on the van or bus will be available to you at the time you need it. In this case, you may have to call a local transportation option and pay out-of-pocket. Numerous options are available in Omaha. See a full list here.

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