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Catholic Health Care in Omaha

Omaha offers seniors a variety of health care and services. Some facilities and organizations are Catholic-led to cater to those of the Catholic faith. You can find programs for medical care, non-medical services, meals, activities, senior centers, counseling, and more. Below is an outline of various health services and other program options in Omaha.

CHI Health

CHI Health is a regional health system that believes in healing with the ministry of the Church to create stronger communities. Headquartered in Omaha, there are 15 medical centers in Omaha including CHI Health St. Mary’s, St. Francis, St. Elizabeth, Schuyler, Plainview, Nebraska Heart, Missouri Valley, Midlands, Council Bluffs, Corning, and Lakeside.

Medical services offered include:


Back & spine






Ear, nose, throat


Esophageal Center


Home care

Mental health


Occupational health


Senior Services



CHI Health offers extensive senior services, which include Alzheimer’s support, bone health, driver rehabilitation, end of life care, medications, and additional education programs.

Catholic Charities of Omaha

Catholic Charities offers senior programs at St. Martin de Porres Center. These programs help seniors with community involvement, physical activity, education, and more. Catholic Charities educates seniors on important issues including Medicare, Social Security, health, financial management, taxes, and accident prevention.

Regular programs include walking club, blood pressure checks, eye care, health education, and cancer survivor’s group. They also offer lunches, exercise classes, and Bible studies.

For more information, call 402.342.4566.

Catholic Health Association of the United States Eldercare Programs

Catholic Health Association of the United States offers services to support caring for the elderly. They provide members information on Catholic-sponsored health organizations that provide various care such as in-home health, senior housing, skilled nursing facilities, primary care, and counseling.

Members can search extensive resources on elder care including prayers, medical articles, and Catholic teachings. Webinars related to senior care are also available. 

Find a Catholic Medical Association Member

Members of the Catholic Medical Association have made a commitment to align their medical practices with the Church. The Catholic Medical Association is the largest group of Catholic individuals in health care field.

Senior Ministries through Catholic Churches

Holy Family offers several ministries to support seniors. They make their rounds to deliver food to low-income, needy, and homebound seniors. They also offer a lunch program. The Door Ministry provides help with clothing, food, financial assistance, transportation, and pharmacy to those adults and children in need.

Omaha Senior Activities

Omaha offers 14 community centers in the Metro area. There are various activities including bingo, card games, yoga, aerobics, dance classes, art, excursions, and educational opportunities. The centers also assist with transportation and referrals for senior benefits.

If you are looking to live in assisted living or a nursing home, visit to search for communities. There are Catholic-based communities, but most assisted living communities offer various worship services for all faiths.

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