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Caregiving in Omaha, NE

Caregivers do some of the most important and strenuous work possible and family caregivers often do it without being paid. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available in Omaha that can help family caregivers with their duties, provide them with extra support, and give them a break when they need it most. No matter what kind of assistance or support you need, this guide should help you learn more about your options in Omaha.

When You Need A Short Break

Every day is different, and there might be some days as a caregiver where you need a little extra help. Maybe you need someone to run errands while you stay at home with your loved one or maybe you just need a few hours to yourself to ease your stress levels. Here are a few options for help both in your home and outside it.

If you find that you need some help with household chores or daily errands, concierge services could be the right choice for you. Online providers have grown over the years, and now you can find help with almost anything you need whether it’s a clean house or your dog walked. You can also use these services only on days when you need them and not worry about too high a cost.

Sites like allow you to search for local dog walkers and pet sitters. You can also enter in your budget to find people that will fit your price range. TaskRabbit is another great site that allows you to hire people in your area to assist with any task you need. If you need someone to get groceries from the store, wait for your car to get an oil change, or take your laundry to the laundromat, you can find it on TaskRabbit.

If you work during the day and need someone to watch your family member, adult day care programs are helpful. Many of these programs offer classes, activities, meals, and opportunities to socialize with other seniors all with careful supervision. There are also programs that are for specific needs like Alzheimer’s or diabetes patients. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has a directory of all programs in the state, and you can find ones that accept both Medicaid and VA benefits. The median cost of adult day care in Omaha is $50 per day.

Sometimes you might just need a break during the day, and that’s when in-home respite care is beneficial. A homemaker or home health aide can come to your house and help you with either your household chores or with caring for your family member. Some providers employ nurses as well, so if you need help with more intensive medical care, you can still get that in your home. Average costs for homemakers and home health aides in Omaha range from $144 to $147 per day.

Residential respite care is also an option and works well if you need to be away for an extended time. Many nursing homes or assisted living facilities offer short-term stays at their locations, and you can rest easy knowing that your loved one has 24-hour assistance. Douglas County Health Center and Brighton Gardens of Omaha offer respite care and can give you a feel for how your loved one would do in a facility if you ever need long-term care help. The average costs for assisted living facilities are $132 daily while a semi-private room in a nursing home averages $194 per day.

You can find more respite care programs in Omaha through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Their site has links to information about paying for this type of care as well as a directory of programs in the area. is also a good place to start your search because you can read reviews of facilities in your neighborhood and see if they would be a good fit for you and your family.

When You Need To Talk With Other Caregivers

You might be the only person in your group of friends that is a caregiver for a family member, and that can get a little lonely. It’s important to have a good support network and get out and talk to other caregivers. Support groups are an excellent way to network with others in your position as well as learn from them and share the frustrations and celebrations that come with this type of care.

Omaha has a local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, and they are a great resource for support groups. You can find a group that meets near your house, or you can get support through their telephone line. There is also an online caregiver support community that makes it easy to talk with others no matter where you are or what time it is.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Children, Families, and Law created a website called Answers4Families. They have resources and assistance with just about everything you might need as a caregiver. They have also compiled a large list of various support groups throughout the state, including many caregiver support groups. You can look for ones in your area or call them and find other sources that might be helpful.

Created by a husband and wife team, Caregiver Support Services connects caregivers with each other as well as valuable resources in the community. You can learn more about being a caregiver, what you should do to take care of your well-being, and join in the online community. They even offer a free caregiver assessment to see where you are and what you need to make you a better, healthier caregiver.

When You Can No Longer Provide Care

There is a good chance there will be a time where it isn’t possible for you to take care of your family member. It might be because of a big life event like a new baby or moving to a new state, or it could be because their needs have grown too large for you to handle on your own. Either way, while it can be emotionally difficult to make the decision, an assisted living facility or nursing home could be the best option.

In many cases, a geriatric care manager can be a helpful person to have on your team. A care manager will look at your situation, assess the needs of your family, and put together a plan that works for everyone. They can also handle things like payment for services, continuum of care options, and make sure everything runs smoothly. Care Consultants for the Aging is in Nebraska and can help you find the right care manager for your needs.

Caregiver burnout is a very real problem, and you shouldn’t be ashamed if it happens to you. Caregivers take on an enormous amount of stress, and if you don’t care for yourself, burnout is highly likely. You need to address this issue as soon as possible because it can lead to things like depression, anxiety, and other health concerns. Talk with your doctor, consider other forms of care for your loved one, and find support through your friends and family. The only way you can be an effective caregiver is to make sure you meet your needs.

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