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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Oklahoma City

It’s common to consider making an employment change later in life. Many seniors find themselves in the market for a new job, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not. AARP found in a 2015 study that mature job-seekers shared some commonalities. Typically, older workers had to search for new employment opportunities longer than younger workers, and when they found a job they were often times hired on for fewer weekly hours and less money than they made in previous positions. Luckily, in the Oklahoma City area, there are many senior-friendly workplaces and resources available to older workers looking to extend their time in the workforce.

Locating senior-friendly employment

In the state, the Oklahoma Employment Workforce Commission provides funding to dozens of local Workforce Oklahoma centers, including two in Oklahoma City. The primary goal of each center is to provide services to job-seekers in the community to help you find gainful employment.

The Workforce Oklahoma centers can assist you with things like preparing your resume, a career assessment, matching you with employers in the area, and helping you to find training or continuing education opportunities to further your skill set and marketability in the workforce.

Additional resources are available through the website, such as a link to OK Job Match, an online listing of postings in your area that can be searched by a number of criteria, including part-time hours or senior-friendly workplaces.

Learn new skills and get reimbursed for training

In Oklahoma City, the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a resource for low-income, unemployed adults over the age of 55.

The program is designed to place qualified workers into area not-for-profit or government organizations like schools, hospitals, senior centers or day care centers and give you on-the-job training while you’re active in the community.

Program participants work around 20 hours per week and are paid the federal minimum wage for their time. The end goal is to build the skills necessary to be a great fit for a new employment opportunity once the program is complete.

For more information on the program in your area visit the website.

Veterans, caregivers, and entrepreneurs

Veterans of the US military receive priority services through the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. Vets have access to resources to help you translate your military skills into civilian language on your resume, find job placements that are a good fit for you, and get access to training to expand your skill set. Visit the website for links to the resources in the Oklahoma City area for veterans.

If taking care of a family member or loved one is your full-time job, you may be eligible to be reimbursed for your time and services through the Cash and Counseling program, VA Aid & Attendance pension, or long-term care insurance benefits of the loved one.

Starting a small business is always an option to earn an income. Whether you’re interested in a small home-based business, or a larger venture, the Small Business Administration Oklahoma District office has tools and tips to help you get your idea off the ground and make it profitable.

Seniors in the Oklahoma City market have many choices and resources for finding a rewarding employment fit.

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