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Oklahoma City Veterans Benefits

Applying for veterans benefits isn’t always a straightforward process, and many families find themselves in need of assistance. Luckily, agencies and organizations throughout Oklahoma City help veterans to navigate the VA claims process so that they are able to enjoy the benefits that they have earned.

Finding medical care as a Oklahoma City veteran

Veterans who have served in the active military and who were released under conditions other than dishonorable may qualify for VA health benefits. National Guard and Reserves members who have served the full period for which they were called to active duty may also apply. The VA enrollment system determines eligibility by assigning each applicant to a priority group based on the veteran’s medical needs and past military service record.

If you qualify for VA health benefits, The Oklahoma City VA System offers a variety of medical services that can help you to manage illness, disability, injury and more. The hospital even offers specialized care services for advanced Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Veterans suffering from depression, PTSD or other mental health issues can turn to the VA system for counselling services and treatment options.

Finding housing as a Oklahoma City veteran

Certain Oklahoma veterans are exempt from paying property taxes, allowing them to save dramatically on the cost of housing. If you have been injured in the line of duty and are no longer able to work, you and your family may be exempt from paying property taxes on the fair cash value of your home.

Veterans can save on housing costs through federal loan programs as well as tax breaks. VA home loan guaranties protect lenders from loss, allowing qualifying veterans to purchase a home at a competitive interest rate. Loans can also be used to repair or modify a house, especially in order to accommodate the needs of injured or disabled veterans.

Veterans who are unable to live on their own due to a progressive or chronic condition may be able to receive skilled care at one of six Oklahoma Veterans Centers located within two hours of Oklahoma City. These facilities are managed by the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs and provide full-time nursing care for qualifying veterans.

• Ardmore Veterans Center: Set against a historic backdrop, this facility is able to provide care for 175 veterans and hosts regular events and activities for residents.

• Claremore Veterans Center: This facility is surrounded by stunning scenery and provides 24 hour nursing care for over 300 patients.

• Clinton Veterans Center: This newly renovated building boasts the latest in medical equipment and care techniques, providing health and rehabilitative services to almost 150 residents.

• Lawton Veterans Center: Up to 200 patients receive long-term care in this beautifully landscaped facility.

• Norman Veterans Center: Patients can enjoy a luxurious modern setting while they receive skilled or intermediate care.

• Sulphur Veterans Center: Veterans receive care in private or semi-private rooms and participate in therapeutic recreational outings to local hotspots.

Claiming additional benefits as a Oklahoma City veteran

Housing and health care programs aren’t the only benefits that Oklahoma City veterans enjoy. Many veterans are also entitled to additional educational, financial and employment benefits. You can speak with a Veterans Services Representative in your area to find out more about eligibility requirements and how to apply for different state and federal programs.

Oklahoma residents are also able learn about VA benefits by contacting the Muskogee Regional Benefits Office. Veterans can speak with a counsellor regarding available healthcare options, memorial benefits, housing programs and more. The office also offers employment services for veterans who are interested in rejoining the workforce and educational initiatives for veterans who wish to pursue a degree.

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