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Oklahoma City Support Groups for Caregivers

Caring for an elderly family member is a physically and emotionally challenging job, but it’s some of the most important work that you can do. Many adult children find themselves caring for a parent or family member as they age, and the number of family caregivers throughout the country is on the rise. Resources for caregivers through state, city, and county resources as well as non-profit organizations and healthcare systems in Oklahoma City are more abundant than ever. These resources help caregivers give the best care they can and allow for respite away from their duties to take care of themselves in the process. These 4 area agencies have various programs and resources available to lighten the load.

The Alzheimer’s Association Oklahoma Chapter

The Oklahoma Chapter of the Alzheimer’s association is responsible for providing programs and services to each of the 77 counties throughout the state. The local Oklahoma City office offers a number of resources to caregivers, seniors with the disease, and the community through education programs, support groups, as well as over the phone and online assistance whenever you need it. Here are a few examples of what you’ll find at your local office.

Free education programs and education series are offered through the Oklahoma City office and cover a broad spectrum of topics that are helpful to caregivers. You can delve into information on “Effective Communication Strategies,” “Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related Behavior,” and “Living with Alzheimer’s for Care Partners.” Contact the Alzheimer’s Association directly for locations and dates of upcoming events at (405) 319-0780.

The Alzheimer’s Association recognizes that you won’t only need help during normal business hours, and to assist they have both a help hotline that can be reached anytime by dialing (800) 272-3900, and online community forums where you can get feedback from professionals as well as your peer group.

Oklahoma City also hosts several different in-person support groups monthly at convenient locations in the area for caregivers and Alzheimer’s patients. It’s easy to search for a support group. Log onto the Community Resource website, select “Alzheimer’s Association Programs and Events,” and then navigate to the next screen to enter your zip code and search for support groups in your immediate area.

Areawide Aging Agency Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Areawide Aging Agency provides funding to Sunbeam Family Services who offers programs and services to caregivers in the area. Included among their resources are respite services, support in the form of in-person support groups, as well as personalized counseling for those in a caregiving role. For more information on their offered services, contact a caregiver coordinator at (405) 528-7721.

Oklahoma City VA Health Care System

Caregivers responsible for the health and well-being of a military vet have access to benefits to assist with their care. Examples what the VA provides include:

Peer group support through local groups and online forums Over the phone assistance through the help hotline by calling (855) 260-3274 Resources to connect you with daytime respite care Assistance with respite care inside the home for homebound seniors

Matching you with in-home care providers to help manage care responsibilities like home health aides, homemakers, and skilled nurses

Providing hospice services in-home

To begin the process of receiving benefits, call the Oklahoma City VA Health System caregiver support coordinator at 405-456-1000.

Oklahoma Department of Aging Services

The Oklahoma Department of Aging Services provides funding for local programs administered through the agencies on aging throughout the state and also manages the distribution of Medicaid funds to senior applicants. Some seniors may be eligible for benefits to cover the cost of respite care. To determine if you are eligible or for more information call (405) 521-2281.

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