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Oklahoma City Senior Services

The Oklahoma spirit rings true in the hearts and lives of those who live in Oklahoma City. That means that the people are friendly enough to strike up a conversation with anyone on the street and neighbors are ready to rally together to aid those who suffer hardship. The kindness and consideration is being carried over to the influx of new businesses which are turning Oklahoma City into a sprawling boomtown. A trip across the city takes a while due to its size, but it’s an easy ride with no congestion. Seniors will appreciate experiencing all four seasons. They will appreciate the quality of senior services even more than that.

Oklahoma Aging Services Division works on developing systems so that seniors can live independently and with quality of life. The agency provides adult day services, legal assistance, respite, transportation, the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, and the State Plan Personal Care. Areawide Aging Agency, Inc. works to develop and maintain programs to help seniors. They work collaboratively with other agencies to provide nutritious meals, transportation, caregiver support, legal aid, and wellness classes.

Sunbeam Family Services provides many helpful services for seniors. They provide counseling, senior companionship, foster grandparent programs, caregiver training, respite care, caregiver support, and case management. One of the programs is called Care Trak, which is a program where a senior wears a bracelet that tracks their whereabouts so that they can be found if they are wandering off because of dementia symptoms.

Salvation Army Senior Programs are open to older people aged 55 and older where seniors can enjoy home-cooked lunches on the weekdays. They can also participate in health clinics, exercise classes Wii tournaments, bible studies, and holiday celebrations. It’s a chance to socialize, volunteer for projects, learn new skills, and take field trips and excursions to places a bit further away. Seniors can participate at no cost.

Edward L. Gaylord Downtown YMCA has programs to help seniors stay active. The YMCA has a swimming pool, exercise classes, wellness programs, community service events, day trips, health fairs, health and wellness screenings, and special interest classes.

Integris Third Age Life Centers Senior Services offers free services for senior adults, as one of the leading senior information and referral assistance centers in Oklahoma. The program celebrates over 30 years in providing programs for seniors including seminars on topics of special interest, nutrition, fitness, legal issues, health concerns, defensive driving classes, and more. They also provide an Alzheimer’s caregiver support group and Spanish language instruction.

Rebuilding Together OKC is a non-profit organization that helps to make senior’s homes dry, warm, and safe. The program has volunteers who help seniors with critical home repairs and modifications like adding grab bars, accessibility ramps, handrails, and bathroom modification. They also repair roofing, weatherize homes, and repair some heating and air-conditioning concerns. The kindness and compassion of Oklahoma City residents really shines through in the quantity and quality of senior programs. It’s these kinds of programs and services that allow seniors to enjoy living independently in the areas they’ve loved and worked all of their lives.

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