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Oklahoma City Senior Realtors

Owning a home is a great achievement because it gives the family members a sense of security and stability, and it gives everyone a place to call home. However, there comes a time when the seniors living in the huge family home have to sell it and live in a different home, a transition that they are forced to embrace.

When seniors have to sell their homes, they often go through a tough time because they are letting go of a place they hold dear, they are losing many of their possessions because of downsizing, and the sale is one of the most complicated things they have to deal with. Senior realtors can make all the above easy to manage and bearable.

Who Are Senior Realtors?

Senior realtors are professional realtors who go through additional courses to equip them with knowledge, skills, and expertise to help them deal with the challenges that seniors face in real estate. The best courses that a realtor can take to qualify to become a senior realtor include the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation course and the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) credential course.

Who Benefits From The Services Provided By Senior Realtors?

Since senior realtors are professional realtors with additional training on how to handle seniors along with serving the needs of anyone in need of realtor services. However, the focus of senior realtors is seniors above the age of 50 years, a market in real estate that is the fastest growing in present times. The needs of seniors wishing to sell their homes are often similar.

The Ideal Time To Call A Senior Realtor

Seniors should call senior realtors as soon as they start thinking about selling their homes or even buying other homes. Involving these professionals early enough makes it possible for them to help seniors through every detail of their real estate dealings.

Senior Realtors connect seniors who do not want to move from their homes with professionals who can make improvements around the house to make it friendly to seniors. The most common adjustments include installing lifts, fixing grab bars, and installing wheelchair ramps, etc.

Seniors moving to assisted living facilities need downsizing and relocation services. As tough as downsizing is, senior realtors help seniors to go through it, and they connect seniors with professionals to help them downsize.

Senior realtors help seniors manage their money, make proper use of their 401K accounts and pensions, and avoid loan schemes that will be of no benefit to them.

Where Can You Find A Senior Realtor In Oklahoma?

Seniors in Oklahoma City can choose their most preferred realtors from a very long list of professionals. The Oklahoma City senior realtors on LinkedIn provide all the information on their profiles to help seniors know as much as possible about them.

The Certified Senior Housing Professional Directory has a list of qualified CSHPs ready to serve seniors.

The Senior Real Estate Specialists website has a list of all the SRES operating within Oklahoma City.

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