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Oklahoma City Hospice Care

Many of us don’t consider hospice care until we need it. For some individuals, hospice care doesn’t even occur to them until it is suggested by a doctor or nurse. When the time comes to consider what hospice can do for us, we’re already in a whirlwind of confusion, struggle, and discomfort.

Yet, in order to get the most out of your hospice experience, you’ll want to ensure that you understand the details and know how hospice care works.

Assembling a Hospice Care Team

The individuals that work on your hospice care team will each have their own set of duties and roles. While they will work with you and your family as a team, each member of your hospice care providing team will have their own focus.

Here a few of the professionals that may appear on your hospice care team:

Doctor: Your primary doctor will want to work hand-in-hand with the other hospice providers to address your medical needs and ensure you are getting the attention you need.

Hospice Doctor: A hospice doctor will partner with your primary doctor to develop a plan that meets your medical needs.

Nurses & Home Health Aides: Nurses or home health aides will help the doctors in administering the care plan they have created.

Homemaking Aides: If your family needs additional assistance with cooking, cleaning, or personal care duties, a homemaking aide can be added to the care team.

Social Workers & Counselors: For emotional support, social worker and counselors can help you through difficult times and provide someone to talk to.

Clergy: For those interested, a religious component can be added to a hospice care team to assist with emotional needs.

Volunteers: If you need additional support running errands or other time-consuming tasks, a trained volunteer can be available to help.

Community: Friends, family, neighbors, church members, or just friendly individuals can also be a crucial part of a hospice care team.

Choosing the Right Oklahoma City Hospice Provider

There are hospice providers available in Oklahoma City that fit a variety of needs, including City Hospice, Integris Hospice-OK County, and Frontier Hospice. Before selecting the right organization for you and your family, you will want to do thorough research.

For veterans looking for hospice care, the VA can provide hospice services. Other hospice providers can be found on

Paying for Your Oklahoma City Hospice

When reaching the end of life, the last thing you want to stress over is how you’re going to pay for hospice care. Fortunately, most hospice services are covered by private health insurance plans and Medicare. For individuals looking for an inpatient hospice facility, be sure to select an organization listed under the Medicare-approved.

If you have additional financial restrictions, discuss your needs with your hospice provider. Most organizations want to make you comfortable during your last stage of life and not take you for all your worth. Discussing your needs and restrictions can help you select the right hospice provider for you.

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