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This informative guide offers a variety of excellent resources and tools to help you through the stressful process of finding a funeral home or similar service provider. Highlights include the Federal Trade Commission’s FTC Funeral Rule and the ways in which it protects consumers. We also offer some suggestions and tips on ways to budget and save money while comparison-shopping and deciding which funeral arrangement features meet your needs.

How the FTC Funeral Rule Provides Peace of Mind

Shopping for a funeral service provider after a loved one dies can be overwhelming and stressful. The last thing you want to worry about is negotiating prices and paying for unwanted services. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) benefits consumers by protecting them with the FTC Funeral Rule. The laws stipulated within the FTC Funeral Rule effectively govern the way that funeral homes and similar providers sell their services to the public. Features of the FTC Funeral Rule include:

Consumers are not required to select and pay for unwanted funeral service features that are part of a package bundled plan.

Consumers have the right to choose only those separate funeral arrangement items that meet their needs without any further obligations.

Consumers have the right to receive information about funeral services and their costs directly over the telephone.

Funeral homes must provide consumers that visit their business in person with a detailed written price list that includes all service option features and their costs.

Online Funeral Service Provider Resources

The process of finding a good funeral service provider and making arrangements will be much easier with this handy list of online resources. Our top picks include Dignity Memorial, which maintains an online network of more than 2,000 nationwide providers. Local service providers within the Oklahoma City area include Rose Hill Burial Park and Sunny Lane Funeral Home and Cemetery.

Local listings of funeral service providers in the Oklahoma City region are also available within the online directory maintained by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The providers posted on the BBB site include several accredited funeral homes and cemeteries that have top A+ ratings based on customer satisfaction. The Funeral Ethics Organization (FEO) is another excellent resource that offers helpful suggestions when making funeral arrangements for all 50 states including Oklahoma.

Affordable Options to Help Pay for Funeral Services

A good way to save money on funeral arrangements is to comparison-shop and get price lists for available services from several providers. You may be surprised to learn that some providers will charge much less than their competitors do in the effort to win over consumers. When a potential funeral home or similar service provider sees that you are comparison-shopping, they may lower their prices so you will choose them over the others.

Remember to ask for price lists when visiting a funeral home or provider in person or when contacting them over the telephone. When you have narrowed down your choices and finally decide which business you will use to make funeral arrangements, get a detailed written statement that outlines all requested features and their costs before you make payment. You may find it helpful to print out the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) funeral price checklist for guidance.

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