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Medicare in Oklahoma City

Nearly 120,000 Oklahoma County residents received Medicare benefits in 2014, and the majority were seniors. If you or someone you care about is looking for more information on Medicare topics like coverage and benefits, or if you’re trying to find a local nursing home, doctor, or hospital who participates in the program, you have several local and online resources that can help.

What is Medicare? The fundamentals

Medicare is a program for seniors in America ages 65 and older (and select younger adults who meet the specific guidelines) administered through the federal government. It is comprised of 4 parts: Medicare A, B, C and D.

Covered in Part A: Inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing and home health care administered in a limited capacity and that meet specific requirements and hospice-provided services. Covered in Part B: Most visits to physicians, well checks, medical supplies, and a limited spectrum of outpatient services. Covered in Part C: Private company provided Parts A and B through a Medicare Advantage Plan. Many times, the Plan will also include prescription coverage. Covered in Part D: Prescription medications as part of an additional coverage monthly add-on to the program.

Oklahoma City Medicare beneficiary quick stats

There were 119,935 recipients of medicare in Maricopa County in 2014. The average beneficiary age in 2014 in Oklahoma County was 71. 35% of Oklahoma County Medicare resources are used on inpatient care. Nine percent of Oklahoma County Medicare resources are used on home health care. Seven percent of Oklahoma County Medicare resources are used on skilled nursing care.

Oklahoma City Medicare services and the office location

If you’re looking for face-to-face help with your Medicare application or answers to questions about your benefits, you have a few options in Oklahoma City. You can visit the Oklahoma Department of Human Services at 2400 North Lincoln Boulevard, or you can search in your area for federally qualified rural health centers. Many hospitals will also have staff on hand who can assist you. Seniors who want assistance by phone can dial locally (405) 521-3646.

Finding Medicare providers in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City doctors who accept Medicare can be located online through the Physician Compare tool. If you’re looking for doctors who participate in the fee-for-service program, a search finds 14 in a 15-mile radius of the city who specialize in geriatric care, and nearly 300 who practice family medicine. If you expand your search to doctors who accept Medicare patients, but who are not in the fee-for-service program and may have additional costs, your search grows to upwards of 360 providers. Keep in mind if you’re using a doctor outside of those who accept only the Medicare-approved amount that you will be responsible for the difference in cost.

The search tool allows you to click on the names of the doctors that meet your criteria and view details on their location and contact information, where they have hospital privileges, the types of Medicare payments they accept, and any other doctors in their practice that are in the same group. Currently, users can compare doctors within the same group practice, and eventually Medicare will add a comparison feature that allows you to look at any number of doctor's side by side.

If you’re searching for Medicare-certified nursing homes in the area you’ll find information on their performance overall, past health inspection history, resident care quality, and staffing. You can also use the website tools to find information on hospitals, medical equipment and supplies, home health care services, and dialysis centers that are nearby and accept Medicare.

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