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How to Get Around Oklahoma City Without Driving

Oklahoma City is home to a world-class public transit system as well as a large network of taxi companies, ridesharing options and other transportation services. Local agencies make it easy for seniors to find a convenient and affordable ride whenever the need arises.

Traveling with EMBARK

In 2016, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) honored Oklahoma City’s EMBARK transit system with the North American Outstanding Public Transportation Award. EMBARK offers efficient and affordable transportation options to the residents of Oklahoma City, including bus schedules, streetcars, ferries, and even bikesharing. If you are elderly or disabled and are unable to ride the bus, you may be eligible to use the EMBARK Plus paratransit service as a safe and affordable alternative means of transportation. Seniors over the age of 60 and individuals on Medicare can save on public transportation costs by applying for an EMBARK reduced fare ID.

Oklahoma City cab companies

Whether you need immediate service or wish to schedule a ride in advance, Oklahoma City cab companies can help you to get around town in a timely fashion. Licensed companies, including Yellow Cab, Thunder Cab and Nascab, allow customers to reserve a cab online or over the phone for themselves or a loved one. Some companies even allow you to make advance payment for a trip by credit card.

Senior transportation services in Oklahoma City

EMBARK partners with Oklahoma County’s Areawide Aging Agency and other community organizations to bring affordable and reliable transportation options to isolated seniors. A number of specialty transportation programs help local seniors to maintain their independence, including:

The STEP Shopping Shuttle: A van service that transports seniors over the age of 60 to their local grocery store.

Share-A-Fare: A program offering a 40% discount on taxi fares for eligible elderly and disabled individuals.

Congregate Meal Transportation: A service that provides seniors over 60 with a free ride to one of 15 local nutrition sites for an afternoon meal.

Daily Living Center: A free round-trip service to the Oklahoma City Daily Living Center, a local adult day care facility.

Interim: Emergency transportation for elderly individuals.

Several local nonprofit organizations also offer affordable transportation options for senior citizens. The Salvation Army provides bus services to congregate meal sites, health care facilities, shopping and more from any of their five Oklahoma City Senior Centers, while the Independent Transport Network (ITN) offers rides at any time of day for dues-paying members. Many local home health agencies also offer transportation options, including BrightStar, Home Instead, Home Care Assistance and more.

Finding ridesharing services in Oklahoma City

Ridesharing services offer a streamlined customer experience that few other methods of transportation are unable to provide. Passengers can use their smartphone to hire a ride on-demand or in advance, pay cab fare, and even tip drivers. You can call local ridesharing services such as Lyft or Uber with any questions you may have about off-peak pricing, surge pricing, payment methods and more.

Help accessing Oklahoma City transportation services

EMBARK’s online How to Ride guide and Journey Planner tools can help you to map the best public transit route for your trip, book your tickets, and pay your fares all at the click of a button. You can also call the EMBARK customer service line at (403)-235-7433 to speak with a representative during business hours. Contact the Oklahoma County Areawide Aging Agency at (405)-942-8500 to learn more about specialty senior transportation programs in your neighborhood.

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