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Financial Assistance for Oklahoma City Seniors

Oklahoma City is surrounded by beautiful lakes, green grass, and trees. It’s a big city where the population is very diverse. While the city is large, it has a small-town feel. The people are what make Oklahoma City such a welcoming, friendly Midwestern city. They are connected by a sense of caring for each other and making sure their seniors live out their final years with dignity. Some Oklahoma Seniors have occasional financial trouble, but Oklahoma City offers many programs and services to help them out.

Getting Around in Oklahoma City on the Cheap

ITN Central Oklahoma offers rides for seniors any time of day or night. The drivers are trained to respond to the needs of seniors. ITN takes seniors anywhere they need to go, without limitations on destination or purpose. Seniors can save even more when they schedule a ride in advance, or share the ride with another passenger. The Salvation Army provides rides for seniors to congregate meal sites, senior centers, health care facilities, or shopping. The Salvation Army also brings meals and groceries to homebound seniors. The ride service coordinates travel with other senior activities. Another service that helps get seniors around is RSVP, where rides to medical appointments are free. The service uses volunteer drivers.

Saving on Petcare

For many seniors, pets are excellent companions and they are a very important part of their well-being. Sometimes seniors are having to choose between feeding their pets and feeding themselves. The Pet Food Center of Oklahoma City provides low-income seniors and veterans with pet food. Best Friends of Pets offers spaying and neutering free of charge.

Discounted Utility Bills

The Salvation Army coordinates the Light a Life and Lend-a-Hand programs, where Oklahoma City residents pay a little extra on their electric bills and the funds are used to help seniors and others with low incomes to reduce their electric bills. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services offers the LIHEAP program, a program that offers a lower, more manageable gas bill for low-income seniors. Operation Round Up is a program where Oklahoma residents round up their electric bills. The overage of funds are used to provide assistance to low-income seniors and others, to pay their medical, utility, and heating bills or help with rent and mortgage payments.

Assistance with Food for Seniors

About 1 in 6 Oklahoma seniors cannot adequately feed themselves on the incomes they have. Poor nutrition threatens their lives and puts them at risk of being placed in a nursing home. The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma fills the need for food, by supplying almost 50 million pounds of food through its network of 1,250 charities and schools across Oklahoma. The food bank’s Senior Mobile Market delivers food to low-income seniors at the Oklahoma Housing authority sites at the end of every month when seniors have the most need. Seniors can get fresh produce, refrigerated items, non-perishable goods, and bread. Seniors can also get food at the Urban Mission and the City Rescue Mission. Getting help with food helps seniors reserve funds for other bills.

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