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Caregiving in Oklahoma City, OK

As a natural part of the aging process, our minds and bodies work and move a little slower. The senior season of life can be a difficult adjustment, especially when seniors begin to have difficulty completing tasks that they have been able to do for themselves in the past. Well-intentioned family members, friends, and neighbors may desire to help keep seniors healthy and safe, but they may not be aware of all of the services that are available in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City provides programs that educate caregivers in the role of quality caregiving and provides programs and services to provide respite and give them a break.

Oklahoma Department of Aging Services

If you’re new to senior caregiving and are feeling overwhelmed, start your research at the Oklahoma Department of Aging Services by calling (405)-521-2281. The Aging Services Division (ASD) is a state-based senior program that brings together state and local resources with the goal of providing assistance for seniors so that they may enjoy the highest quality of life possible. ASD provides programs that address specific needs including:

Adult day services- individualized plan of in-home care for seniors age 60 and older.

Advantage Services- Medicaid services to allow seniors to remain in their homes longer.

Legal assistance- legal services and referrals about elder rights, end-of-life issues, guardianship, and grandparents raising grandchildren rights.

Long-term care Ombudsman services-provides complaint resolution for long-term care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living, and adult care homes.

Oklahoma Senior Corps- matches older adults and seniors with community programs.

Oklahoma State Council on Aging- a state council that considers and advises the state government on issues that affect seniors.

Pharmacy Connection Council- a council that helps seniors who lack health insurance or need medically necessary medications

The Oklahoma Department of Aging also offers two caregiver respite programs, Lifespan Respite Grant Programs and Older Americans Act (Title III) Respite Voucher Program. Other programs that are available include Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP), State Plan Personal Care, and Transportation.

Contact the Senior Info Line at (800)-211-2116 to be routed to services in Oklahoma City.

Areawide Aging Agency, Inc.

The Areawide Aging Agency, Inc. is a regional agency that serves older adults in Canadian, Cleveland, Logan, and Oklahoma counties. The agency works together with community partners to develop and maintain programs that help older Oklahoma citizens maintain independence and dignity as they age. The agency works collaboratively to provide nutritious meals, transportation, caregiver support, legal aid, and wellness classes for seniors. Volunteers Ombudsmen take over 11,000 calls annually to assist residents in long-term care facilities.

Oklahoma City Caregiver Support Group

Senior caregivers need the support and encouragement that can only come from their peers. Support groups are a place where caregivers gain strength through sharing experiences. Through facilitated discussions, caregivers learn that they are not alone in the issues that they face in senior caregiving. Support groups are safe and confidential and can be a lifeline for struggling caregivers. The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitative Services offers a support group at:

Caregiver Support Group - Oklahoma City INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center 5300 N. Independence Ave., Ste. 240 Oklahoma City, OK 73112-5550 (405)-949-4140

Meet the group on the fourth Friday of the month from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. It’s a drop-in program that does not require advance registration or reservation.


Caregivers who prefer to search for private services separate from government programs will find a wealth of information here on will save you time by giving you an overview of services in one convenient place, rather than researching each of them one by one. Select from five in-home caregiving services right in Oklahoma City.

Do a search for the exact type of services that you need. Read reviews and check ratings from other area residents and caregivers who have first-person experience using the services. Get addresses and phone numbers of services in the directory and get an idea of costs. Once you’ve identified some potential services, prepare your list of questions and give them a call.

Senior caregivers who are new to the field may be hesitant to search for services that help them do the difficult, but rewarding job of caring for seniors. Remember that senior caregiving networks formed as a means for supporting caregivers and connecting seniors, caregivers, and communities with the services they need. Trying to manage senior caregiving without help and support can be stressful, frustrating, and lonely. Services are available in Oklahoma City that are designed to help. Caregivers should feel free to reach out to their communities to help them give the best quality care.

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