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Social Security for Oakland Seniors

Oakland seniors looking to apply for social security have two methods for doing so. They may visit a local office or head online to fill out the available application. Both approaches are valid options, as long as you understand the information needed and fill it out appropriately. Many seniors opt for the in-person option as it allows them to have their questions answered promptly.

Finding Oakland Social Security Offices

It is not hard to find Oakland social security offices. There are two located in the city. The first is at 7200 Bancroft Ave in the Bancroft Business District. You can find the second at 360 22nd St #400 in the downtown district. Both options are full-service facilities that provide all the information you could need relating to social security benefits, retirement, and spouse’s benefits.

You may reach the toll-free number at (800) 772-1213. It is available to all residents across each of the United States, which could result in high call volumes and long wait times. Once you do get the chance to speak to a representative, be sure you come prepared with any questions you have. Preparation makes the call go faster and ensures you get all possible information you need.

Services Offered to Seniors at the Office

You may visit the local office to receive services in person. Many different service types are available, depending on your specific needs. Seniors looking to get a replacement copy of their social security cards must bring in their identification to prove who they are. Once identity is verified, a new card is issued and sent in the mail.

Group services are available as well. Group services come in the form of having a speaker discuss information related to retirement plans and social security benefits. You may request a group speaker 30 days in advance of when you need him or her to speak to your group.

Services Offered to Seniors Online

Services are easy to utilize if you have an account already created through the social security website. You can set up an account for free that allows you to access all of your information, including your benefit statements and monthly amount earnings. There are also multiple calculators to use that help you discover what amounts you may be entitled to based on your personal data. These include:

Retirement estimator - details how much you should receive based on the benefits you already get monthly.

Government offset pension calculator - the GPO calculator allows you to see how much you get in benefits after your government pension amount.

Life expectancy calculator - discloses how long you can expect to live, which helps pinpoint when you should start claiming retirement funds.

Social Security quick calculator - provides a benefit estimate based on your age and yearly earnings.

Each of these calculators only provides an estimate, and do not indicate the actual benefits you may receive. All details play into the amount you make after you apply for benefits.

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