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Oakland Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

You’ve spent decades working in the same job to finally enjoy a secure retirement, but what do you do now?

Use your new found freedom to pursue your interests, learn new things and most importantly, make a difference in the lives of others. Oakland seniors have many opportunities to give back to the community and enjoy their retirement years by volunteering.

Keep reading to learn more about volunteer opportunities for seniors in Oakland.

Help Teachers to Change Lives with Education

The Oakland Unified School District needs volunteers so they can dedicate more resources to supporting classroom teachers. As a School volunteer, you can assist teachers by tutoring children in a wide range of subjects, from early literacy to algebra.

Cafeteria volunteers will help in the kitchen, man the cash registers, or act as lunchroom monitors. Lunch monitors will help maintain order in the cafeteria and help the younger students when they need it.

Are You a Bookworm?

The Oakland Public Library needs help. Volunteers are an important way the library saves money while providing a valuable resource to Oakland residents.

Library volunteers will help with valuable services; organizing and putting back reference materials, providing computer use instruction, and reading to children during story time.

Are you bilingual? The library can use your language ability to help our growing community of new Americans to learn English, access library services, and find important information. Bilingual volunteers can provide critical reading help for children that are still learning English and may be struggling in school.

Help the Helpless

Oakland seniors who love animals are welcome at Oakland Animal Services. Oakland Animal Services always need volunteers to help provide care for the dozens of shelter animals that they care for.

Volunteers at Oakland Animal Services will work closely with the public providing adoption services and helping to socialize shelter animals. You’ll provide important customer service and help feed, exercise, and groom animals to give them the best chance to be adopted.

If you love being around people and learning new things every day, the Oakland Zoo could be the place for you. At the Oakland Zoo, you can enjoy working in several important roles.

Zoo volunteers can enjoy giving guided tours to visitors, or showing them the wonders of our planet’s wildlife. Oakland seniors can learn about caring for some of the most exotic species as they help with enclosure maintenance and food preparation.

Learn About Plants

Oakland has fun community gardening volunteer opportunities for seniors who love to be active in the outdoors. The Lakeside Gardens are home to beautiful and exotic plant life and provides horticultural workshops and flower shows for any gardening interest imaginable.

If botany is your passion, volunteer to learn more than you ever thought you would on any botanical subject you can think of.

So Many Opportunities

There are so many opportunities for Oakland seniors to enrich their retirement years with volunteering. Look around and you’ll find the perfect place for you.

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