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Oakland Support Groups for Caregivers

The selfless act of caring for a chronically ill loved one can take a heavy toll. The stress and emotional strain that is an intrinsic part of providing full-time care for someone who will never be well again can be overwhelming.

While there is no way to cure an incurable condition, there are organizations and services that are dedicated to making the situation less difficult, and providing needed help and answers.

Oakland caregivers are lucky to have many places to turn for support and assistance. Keep reading to learn about a few of your Oakland area options. 

California Dept. of Aging

The California Department of Aging is a great resource of information about caregiver services and organizations that exist to alleviate the strain on full-time caregivers of the chronically ill or disabled.

Visit their website to find a directory of resources you can access to make life, for you, and your sick or disabled loved one easier.

Family Education and Resource Center

The Family Education and Resource Center (FERC) is a family and caregiver-centered program that offers information, essential education, advocacy and critical support services to the family and caregivers of children, adolescents, adults, and seniors with emotional disturbance or mental illness located in any part of Alameda County.

These services are given in an ethnically competent way, as the program reaches out to people of various ethnicities and language groups.

VA Caregiver Support

If you're chronically ill or disabled loved one is a U.S. veteran and you are the main caregiver, you may be eligible for the VA Caregiver Support Program.

VA Caregiver Support has various support and service options designed with the caregiver in mind. These programs are available for both in and out of home assistance and can help you care for the Veteran you love and yourself.

VA Caregiver Support will guide you through the sometimes labyrinthine process of contacting the right VA staff to help your loved one and get the services for which they qualify.


In our 24/7 electronically connected world, ALZConnected is a way for caregivers to find emotional support and essential information online from thousands of others sharing the Alzheimer’s carer experience.

ALZConnected working together with the Alzheimer’s Association gives Alzheimer’s sufferers and everyone affected by the disease access to a free online community. Take advantage of this valuable resource to answer and ask questions, find new resources and services, or simply to pour out your heart to sympathetic ears.

Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is one of the most comprehensive sources of information and help for both Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families. The Association is global in reach and maintains local chapters near most major population centers, thus making it easier to find help wherever you are.

Visit the Alzheimer’s Association website to learn about programs and services that will ameliorate the difficulties of dealing with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. 

Take advantage of:

Relocation services

Directories of assisted living facilities and nursing homes

Help finding appropriate medical services

You’ll find all this and much more when you contact the Alzheimer’s Association.

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