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Oakland Senior Movers and Downsizers

Ask anyone their opinion of moving, and you’re likely to get an earful. It’s even more distasteful for Oakland seniors. After living for decades in the same home, you can collect an incredible amount of possessions, many of which hold intense sentimental value.

Unfortunately, moving is inevitable in most people’s lives. However, how can a senior make the best of transitioning to a smaller residence? Whether it a senior residence community, nursing home, or even your child’s residence, you’ll have to decide what to keep and what needs to go.

As the senior population increases, there will be a growing demand for senior moving services to facilitate this complex process.

How Are Senior Moving Services Different?

Senior move experts are experienced in handling the special circumstances of Oakland seniors who are downsizing. You’ll need someone to help you declutter your home and downsize your possessions prior to moving day.

A senior move manager will handle details like:

Transferring your utilities to your new home

Notifying the post office of your address change

Unpacking and organizing your new home

NASMM member senior move experts are specially trained in the specifics of senior moving issues and are bound by ethical standards and requirements that assure Oakland seniors that they’ll be treated with understanding and compassion.

The Best Time to Contact a Senior Move Expert

Contact a senior move manager as soon as possible before you need to move. The further ahead that you plan, the more likely you’ll save or properly pass on many keepsakes and important items that you can’t fit in your new residence.

If your move is sudden due to an unforeseen circumstance, then contracting a senior move expert will allow you time to deal with the crisis while the details of the move are handled professionally.

How to Find an Oakland Senior Move Expert

There are many ways to find a senior move expert for your needs. Begin by visiting the NASMM website and using the invaluable search tool there to find an NASMM member senior mover near you. A quick search shows almost 20 different senior move service providers you can choose from.

The Better Business Bureau is another source of senior movers. Search the BBB Directory to find accredited, and BBB rated senior move managers that can help make the moving process easy.

Finally, ask friends and family what experiences they have had downsizing and who they hired to help them make the transition as painless as possible.

What Does Oakland Senior Move Service Cost?

The cost of senior moving services will vary according to geographic locale, the SMM’s experience and popularity, and the time of year.

According to AARP, the hourly rate for a senior move manager can range from $40 to $100 per hour. A good idea is to find out if you can get a package deal that includes the moving company that will transport your belongings, and of course, don’t forget to negotiate the fee as much as possible.

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