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Oakland Senior Living

Just because Oakland seniors live in one of the most beautiful states in the union, it doesn’t mean that they’re immune from the inevitable effects of aging. With the passage of time chores and some normal daily activities become more difficult. Oakland seniors are lucky that there are many senior service providers that they can use to get the help they need. You can take advantage of homemaker services that will take care of light housekeeping duties for you, like cooking and cleaning up. A variety of concierge services will bring things you need to your door, walk your dog and even arrange for handyman services for the inevitable home repairs. Here is a short guide to some of the senior services available to Oakland seniors that will help you maintain your independence while ensuring that your needs are met to maintain a dignified quality of life.

The Cost of Oakland Senior Care

The costs of senior care in Oakland, California, are a little above the national average for care. A private room in a nursing home will cost you around $91,000 per year, which is very close to the national average cost of a private room in a nursing home. A private room in a nursing home facility in Oakland will cost close to $113,000 per year on average, just north of the $91,000 per year a private room in a nursing home will cost you nationally. An assisted living facility, where more independent seniors will prefer to reside, is very close to the national average cost at $48,000, versus the median national cost of $43,000 nationally. Adult day health care is reasonably priced at $20,000 per year, while homemaker services will set you back around $53,000 per year. For a different level of home care, a home health aide will cost you $55,000 per year, just slightly more than homemaker services.

Oakland Senior Service Choices

The fact is that the United States is aging demographically, and many service providers have risen to the challenge of providing quality senior care services. You’ll find senior services that run the gamut from delightfully convenient concierge service providers to nursing homes where you’ll enjoy the full spectrum of senior care. Use the internet and ask friends and family for any information about senior services you need to be aware of. You can’t take advantage of all the choices you have if you don’t know what’s available.

Choose Between In-Home or Community Senior Services

For seniors who are determined to stay in their homes for as long as possible, there are many choices for in-home and community care that can make living in your home safe and comfortable, while keeping you from feeling alone or isolated. Take advantage of homemaker services such as ESA Family Home Care and Advanced Home Care to provide you with handy services like light housekeeping, cooking, and help with important routines such as grooming and bathing. Whichever companies you choose, make sure that they serve your area, and read any reviews you can find from current customers. Always check the reputation of any service provider before contacting a provider. Maybe your situation calls for a home health service to assist you with issues such as cardiac care, diabetes, physical rehabilitation and the like. Choose from companies like Alimed Home Health or Abbey Home Health Care Inc. Make sure to investigate the reputation of your home health care provider and speak with current customers if possible. You’ll ensure that you’ve hired the best home health care provider for your situation. For those inconvenient little tasks of daily life, try one of a large number of concierge services that are available. Companies such as Amazon Home ServicesHandyTaskRabbit, and also FavorPorch, and Rover will provide quick, reasonably priced service. Use these concierge services for tasks as varied as weekly shopping or walking the dog.

What You Should Ask

There are questions you should ask any senior service provider, but especially a service that will be provided in your home. Here are a few: Are they bonded or insured against liabilities in your state? Is the service provider licensed if one is required in your state? How does the provider handle employee absences that affect your service? Do they conduct background checks on their staff? If you’re using a community service, is transportation provided?

Senior Living Communities in Oakland

Oakland seniors have an amazing selection of some of the best quality senior communities in California. You can take advantage of the resort or hotel-style independent living communities where housekeeping and meals are provided along with convenient amenities. There are wonderful comprehensive care facilities that will have important medical and nursing services on-site for seniors who have more complex health issues. For seniors who suffer from progressive cognitive impairment, there are nursing homes that provide top quality and dignified memory care that will ensure safety, security, and stability to create the most comfortable lifestyle possible.

Questions You Should Ask Oakland Senior Living Communities

Will the senior living facility provide a continuum of care to ensure long-term care needs are met at all stages? What services are included with your monthly payment, and what services or amenities are extra? Can you hire independent concierge services while a resident? All communities have different rules, and some may restrict outside service providers

How Will You Pay for Oakland Senior Care

There are many ways that you can finance your senior service needs. You can start by utilizing your Social Security and pension benefits. Next on the list is any savings you have managed to put away against your retirement years. The most important source of funds after these will be the value of your home. You can consider selling your home for a lump sum to apply against your senior service costs, or you can consider renting it out as a residence or a vacation home.

What Oakland Offers Seniors

Oakland is one of the great U.S. destinations and seniors can take advantage of a range of great dining and entertainment choices. Oakland shares the famous California climate that is the envy of many people around the world. Visit Senior Center Without Walls to enjoy socializing and indulging in fun activities in Oakland. If you enjoyed this brief guide to Oakland senior services, please read our other great senior guides to Oakland senior services, neighborhoods, and support.

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