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Oakland Rehab Centers

Oakland has seen its fair share of accidents, injuries, and illnesses harming senior patients. Numerous rehab centers exist in the area to provide care to these people in their time of need. Before settling on an option, there are some things to consider, such as the traits of the most superior centers and the short and long term options for assisted living residents.

Short and Long-Term Rehab Options

There are both short and long-term rehab options. Short-term therapy sessions are for people who suffered minor setbacks due to injury or illness. They may be able to walk but have trouble with their balance. Long-term treatment is for those who had a serious complication and need to relearn how to do things. They may require occupational therapy to get them back on track. Most rehab centers provide both options and multiple services.

Rehabilitation at Assisted Living Communities

Many times, you can get your rehabilitation right in the assisted living community you reside. Independent living places and nursing homes also offer the services. While one facility may have a full center devoted to therapy, another may provide a nice room where you can work with your therapist. Several rehab options exist in Oakland.

Pacifica Senior Living Oakland Heights is well-rated thanks to its beautiful building and grounds. You can attend your session during the day and spend the remainder of your time enjoying all the facility has to offer. There are also special support groups offered at the location, both for you and your family.

The Oakland Nursing & Rehab Center provides care for many patients in the area. The moderate facility holds 100 beds. People stay for a short time while they receive care and get to go home afterward. It does not provide continuing care afterward. The facility does accept Medicaid and Medicare so anyone with these forms of insurance can receive services.

Traits of a Superior Rehab Center

You should never settle for just any center. Look for particular traits that prove it is a superior facility, including:

A good reputation

Medicare certification

State licensed

Well-kept setting

Friendly staff

Passing inspections

With all of these qualifications, you know you are getting an excellent facility that will provide the best care possible. If you want some more reassurance, speak to friends and family and even your doctor to hear their suggestions on the best locations in Oakland.

Getting Coverage for Care Through Medicare

Medicare typically covers short-term skilled nursing care. You can get rehabilitation for a short time if you meet the insurance criteria. The first step is to find out if you have days left in your benefit period. You must also obtain a doctor’s note indicating you require the care. The facility offering you the care also has to be Medicare-certified. Even with all of these qualifications met, you will not be eligible for services unless your ailment caused you to stay in the hospital for more than three consecutive days, not counting the day you got discharged from the facility.

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