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Oakland Neighborhood Guide

The Port of Oakland is the busiest in the San Francisco Bay, bringing in plenty of tourists to the area. The city boasts a population of more than 406,000, making it a well-populated area with plenty of residents there to stay. Not all areas are as densely populated, with numerous neighborhoods creating quiet atmospheres for seniors to enjoy.

Remarkable Neighborhoods in Oakland

Rockridge is not only a residential area but also a commercial district. It got labeled as one of the best places to live by Money Magazine. Large homes, small bungalows, and quaint cottages make up the majority of the residences. There are also apartment buildings nearby transit options and close to retail locations. Numerous shopping and dining options give people plenty to do in the area.

Montclair tops the list of livable neighborhoods in Oakland. It is number two out of all communities in the area. It receives an A+ for the weather with a stable 62-degree temperature throughout the summer months and earns an A+ for housing, education, amenities, and employment as well.

Spectacular Senior Neighborhoods

Adams Point has many retirees living in its midst. It is ideal for people looking for green space thanks to the parks and recreational activities nearby. Most individuals in the area have a very friendly spirit and are happy to spend time with others nearby at local gatherings and community events. Seniors looking to retire in a friendly environment will be glad to call Adams Point home.

Not all seniors want a quiet atmosphere. Some want to enjoy their retired years by shopping, seeing the sites and participating in numerous activities they never got to do before. If this is the case for you, Crocker Highland may be your best option.  The neighborhood earns an 84 for liveability due to the stable housing market, high income per capita, and list of local amenities. There are plenty of transportation opportunities that will take you through town to wherever you want to go. Gem boutique shops, clothing stores, interior design studios, and restaurants like Marzano and Pastino’s Pasta offer opportunities for seniors to enjoy fine dining and shopping nearby.

Tips for Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Forbes provides a list of the top five tips for choosing the right neighborhood. In it, safety gets described as one of the most important aspects to consider. A high rate of homeownership helps to up the safety factor, as people who own homes in the area tend to have a stronger desire to keep the place safe. Renters and visitors are less likely to worry about long-term safety, making a leading tourist destination troublesome for residents.

It is also wise to consider pricing predictability. Look at the data for each neighborhood and discover which homes have done predominately well on pricing and value, and which ones have tanked. Sale prices from years ago until now will show you a valid prediction estimate of how things will look in the housing market in the future.

With a few considerations in mind, you can narrow down your neighborhood choices and find the best location to reside for your remaining years. Oakland offers something for everyone.

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