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Oakland In-Home Care

To live in a nursing home or remain in the house you have lived in for years, that is the question. Most would choose to remain in their home if they could but often decide on a nursing facility once they realize they can no longer handle simple daily tasks, like bathing and dressing. What many fail to realize is that in-home care options exist. You can stay in your house and enjoy familiar surroundings while still receiving regular care from a professional. Many options exist for this type of care in Oakland.

Home Care Companies in the Oakland Area

Home care comes in two forms, a health aide and a homemaker. A health aide offers skilled nursing. He or she assists with physical therapy, getting to the bathroom if needed, changing dressings on a wound, checking weight and other measurements, and any other necessary health-related tasks. Homemakers may assist with a few basic tasks of this nature but are primarily around to offer companionship and help with daily needs, such as bathing. You can choose to use one or both of these services as needed.

The state of California has specific rules regarding home care. A Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act came into effect in January 2016. The act requires all home care agencies to register with the state before they can provide services. They must earn their license. Home Care Aides must also register with the state, get added to a full registry of all choices in the area. Before they can get added, each person must pass a background check.

With a variety of home care agencies in the Oakland area, it is important to check these registries and verify licensing. It is also wise to view reviews, such as those left on the Senior Advisor website. Many past and current clients have discussed their reasoning for enjoying a particular home health aide or homemaker service:

“Great communication.”

“Very helpful.”

“Having weekend help really gives our family peace of mind.”

“They have been reliable.”

“Experienced, compassionate, and reliable.”

The overall consensus seems to be that caregivers who are reliable, compassionate, helpful, and highly communicative are the best to work with in the home.

Choosing Care Services to Fit Your Schedule and Needs

You may require a caregiver for a short duration of the day, or you might want someone to stay all day and night. It is up to you to determine the schedule and indicate what services you require while you have the help. There are daily employees, weekly staff members, and even caregivers who will reside in your home and be there to assist you 24/7. The ability to find help to fit your schedule and needs is one of the best aspects of in-home care.

Variety of Care Options and Services in Oakland

There are a variety of care options and services in Oakland. You get to choose which possibilities make the most sense for your lifestyle. The primary option is to have a caregiver vetted through an agency. The agency sends over the best match to meet your needs. Many like this option because they do not have to take the time to find a caregiver themselves. There is a fee associated with this service, though.

You can hire a caregiver yourself if you wish to avoid the extra fee to the agency. If you do the hiring, be aware that you are missing out on the thorough background check provided by a company. You must complete your own vetting process and hope you are finding an employee that is trustworthy and dependable.

Other options involve using online services. You can head to Amazon and sign up for Prime, which gives you two-day shipping on anything you buy. Many use this service for purchasing groceries and home goods. It saves you a trip to the store and prevents you from requiring extra services from a professional. Other services include things like Rover, that finds you a caretaker to walk or watch your dog. Many caregivers do not handle tasks with animals, so this service comes in great handy to those with pets.

Oakland Care Costs and Reducing Your Responsibility

As a whole, the state of California experienced higher care costs than the rest of the United States. You can expect to pay an average price of $23 per hour for both homemaker services and a home health aide. The high hourly price could result in a yearly payment of $51,480 per year. Many people choose to utilize home health services as little as possible, such as just a few hours a day, to curb these costs.

Those who require extra hours may want to look into insurance options so they're responsible for payments that get reduced. Medicare and Medicaid cover a portion of home care costs. While Medicare is not often used as a long-term option, it can provide some relief for a short duration. This insurance type has multiple parts, with Part A used for hospital stays, skilled nursing, and home care. Personal care and homemaker services are not covered, only skilled nursing care and therapy services.

Oakland residents over the age of 64 can apply for Medicaid. This insurance covers the long-term care that Medicare does not. It also offers some homemaker services to provide assistance with daily needs. Medi-Cal is the name of California’s Medicaid program. You can apply in-person at the Alameda County Social Services Enterprise Office. Its location is 8477 Enterprise Way. You can also visit one of the many offices to get screened and apply for services. There are multiple locations available in Oakland, including:

Alameda County Medical Center- Highland Hospital - 1411 East 31st Street

Alameda County Medical Center- Eastmont Wellness Center - 6955 Foothill Boulevard, Suite 200

Asian Health Services - 818 Webster Street

Frank Kiang Medical Center - 250 East 18th Street, 2nd Floor

Healthy Communities – Save a Life Wellness Center - 2580 San Pablo Ave.

La Clinica de La Raza – Transit Village - 3451 E. 12th Street

LifeLong Medical Care – East Oakland - 10700 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 14b

West Oakland Health Center - 700 Adeline Street

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