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Oakland Hospice Care

A long and full life will eventually come to an end, and frequently, there will be a need for specialized care to make the last few weeks or months as comfortable as possible. 

Hospice care will provide the physical, emotional and medical support that will give you the best possible quality of life in your final days. Hospice care providers are licensed to provide you with the specialist care that will relieve the emotional stress on you and your family while ensuring that you’re all able to spend as much time focused on each other as possible.

Oakland seniors can choose from many hospice care providers that are conveniently located to them. If you’ve been told by your doctor that the time has come to consider hospice care, keep reading to learn more about this important service.

Members of the Team

The hospice care team consists of several people who have a role to play in keeping you and your family members comfortable and confident that your care is of the highest caliber possible.

The leader of the team is your hospice care physician who will direct everyone else on the team. The hospice care nurses will administer medications and provide routine medical care as needed to keep you pain-free and prevent medical crises.

Home health or homemaker aides will take care of household chores, run errands, and cook meals so you and your family can enjoy time together with as little distraction as possible. Hospice volunteers will gladly fill in where there are any gaps in care.

Clergy and Social Workers 

Clergy and social workers are an important part of the hospice care team. Social workers will tell you what to expect going forward and offer emotional support to mitigate the negative effects of stress. For religious seniors, the clergy of your particular faith will provide religious counsel and administer the religious rights that you need when they’re needed.

Finding Hospice Care in Oakland

Your physician will be able to suggest hospice care services that he’s familiar with, but there are ways to search for a provider on your own.

You should start by visiting and searching for hospice care services in your area. You’ll find services like CSS Home Care and Senior Services among others. has detailed reviews from current and former customers so you can find the best hospice care for your needs.

The California Hospice and Palliative Care Association also maintains a comprehensive directory of hospice care providers in California and has an online search to find hospice care near your location in Oakland. Eligible veterans can get hospice care at home, in a senior living residence, or a medical facility.

Paying For Oakland Hospice Care

Fortunately, Medicare Part A will cover the cost of hospice care for seniors. The VA will cover hospice care for eligible veterans in the home, senior residence, or medical settings. 

Most insurance plans include provisions for hospice care services and low-income seniors can take advantage of services that charge according to a sliding scale.

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