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Oakland Financial Advisors

Preparing for the future is something everyone should do, whether you are young or old. Seniors, in particular, should be concerned with how their futures will look without the financial means to handle their health care costs and other expenses. Consult a financial advisor and discover the many ways they can help you get a handle on your future now.

Finding Time to Work With a Financial Advisor

The time to work with a financial advisor is now. You need to find the time to sit down with your top few picks and hear how they intend to make your investments worthwhile for your future. Understanding their thinking will help you determine which professional is best for you to work with going forward. If you already have an advisor and want to explore other options, now is the time to do so, so you can have a trusted confidant going forward into your future endeavors.

Searching for Financial Advisors in Oakland

The Better Business Bureau proves to be a valuable tool for Oakland residents in need of financial planning consultants. Results from Northern Coastal California and the San Francisco Bay Area show up during your search. Financial Fitness Center sits at 295 27th St in Oakland. This finance office earns an A+ rating with the BBB, making it a valid choice to consider. Bell Investment Advisors, also in Oakland at 1111 Broadway Ste 1630, gets an A+ as well.

Head to sites like Yelp and AngiesList if you want to see recommendations from others in the area that have utilized these services. The sites feature several agencies and provide reviews from past customers that let you see how responsive the companies are, how well they treat their customers, and what their downfalls might be.

How to Find the Ideal Advisor for Your Situation

You can find the ideal advisor for your situation by searching for particular criteria. The Certified Financial Planner Board offers a search tool that allows you to not only look up professionals in the Oakland area, but also narrow your results by choosing a specialty, amount of investable assets, language, or compensation type. Focus on what you need most, or select an option from each category to have your search narrowed down as much as possible.

The website shows whether a company has had a bankruptcy or gotten disciplined by the board. Use these parameters as well for even more focused options. You may also want to look into how much of an investment the company expects. Some have a minimum you must meet if you want to use one of the business professionals as your advisor. If you cannot afford the minimum, you will have to look into other options.

Taking each of these aspects into consideration is highly important if you want to find your ideal advisor. Never settle for less than you desire. The financial consultant you choose will be your lifelong confidant that you need to trust with your money and your future.

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