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Oakland Estate Sales

After a loved one dies, you not only are in mourning but you may also need to go through his or her belongings. Deciding what to do with these items can be overwhelming. The LA Times reported most people accumulate more than 300,000 different items. If your loved one did not get rid of things or collected, you might have even more items to deal with.

Hiring an estate sales company will streamline this process to get it done more quickly than you and your family could. Take the items you and your family want, and the company does the rest.

The preparation, the sale, and the cleanup

Most estate companies will tell you not to get rid of anything before they have a chance to see it. There may be some valuable items that you may think are not worth much. An estate sales professional will help maximize your sale with their contacts, advertising, organization, and set procedures. They will get through the process of cleaning out and selling much more quickly than you and your family could.

First, you will meet with the estate sales company for a consultation to review items. The company will then sort, set-up, display, and tag items for sale. Rick Hudson’s Estate Sales posted pictures of staging, so you can see how much work goes into the preparation. It typically takes around 5-10 days to prepare for a sale, which should last around three days.  

During your sale, the estate sale staff will be on hand to assist shoppers, process payment, and secure the home. Most estate sales companies take credit card payments to help with sales. You can attend the sale, but for some people, they find it too emotional and stressful.

The company can handle taking remaining items to the charity of your choice. They can also assist you with clean up after the sale to bag these items. They will then give you receipts for taxes.

The company will provide you with an outline of items sold at the sale. You will then receive your check for the proceeds of the sale (minus commission). You will receive this payment approximately 2-3 days after the sale.

The expense

Fees vary per company. Some companies will charge for the initial evaluation while others provide a free consultation for a set amount of time such as an hour consultation. Estate sales companies get paid on the proceeds of the sale, and the average rate is 35-40 percent of the sale proceeds. If your loved one’s home needs more advanced cleaning because of extreme clutter, costs could be higher. Some companies charge for bagging and cleaning up of remaining items. Make sure you know all the fees before signing a contract.

Choosing an estate sales company

Your family attorney or friends are good sources for recommendations. Online reviews can also be helpful. Make sure they are not just shoppers’ reviews.

The San Francisco Bay area Better Business Bureau’s website is a good place to find BBB-accredited businesses. When choosing a company, find a company that has either the American Society of Appraisers or International Society of Appraisers Certification. You should also compare multiple businesses. 

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