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Oakland End-of-Life Care

You deserve dignity and the best care possible as you near the end of your life, and that is something hospice care can provide. Hospice providers care for both your medical and emotional needs in your last days, and they also support your family members. You can decide where you want to receive your care whether that is in your home or a facility like a hospital or nursing home. You will have a team of doctors, nurses, assistants, and several counselors and therapists who will work together to meet all your needs.

There are plenty of benefits to using hospice care besides the support you and your family get. The National Association For Home Care and Hospice released a study that showed hospice patients get better quality care and experience less pain because they are getting the proper palliative care. These patients also are less depressed and end up living longer than their non-hospice counterparts.

Looking For The Best Hospice Care

It might seem daunting and stressful to search for the right hospice care, but you want to ensure you have the best care during this time. California requires all hospice agencies to be licensed by the Department of Public health, so don’t choose any provider that cannot show proof of their registration. Community Health Accreditation Partner or CHAP is an independent review board that lists accredited providers on their website.

Once you find a licensed facility, ask questions and learn about their care services. Make sure they have a track record of a kind and compassionate care. They should also be able to coordinate all care schedules easily, so you don’t have to worry about that. Ask your close friends and family members if they have suggestions on agencies and check out online reviews for further input.

The Cost Of Hospice And How To Pay

The cost for hospice care is higher than most other care because it involves more people and more intensive services. Where you live and what services you need will all factor into your cost, but you can expect daily averages to be around $160.

A few programs can help you cover your hospice costs. First, if you have private insurance, check your coverage to see if it includes hospice. Part A policyholders for Medicare can get their care covered with a small copay for medication and care. Medicaid benefits include hospice services, and TRICARE will provide coverage for vets and their dependents.

Sometimes these options aren’t available for all people, but you can still get some financial assistance. Providers will often work with patients to create a manageable payment plan or operate on a sliding scale rate. Ask if your situation qualifies for charitable care as well.

There are plenty of choices for hospice care in Oakland, so find a provider that meets your needs. If you live in a nursing home like Mercy Retirement Care Center or Pacifica Senior Living Oakland Heights, you can get hospice care at the facility. Assisted living centers like Sunrise at Oakland Hills also offers hospice to their residents. Alzheimer’s patients can get hospice care at facilities like Point at Rockridge.

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