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Oakland Demographics and Lifestyle

Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County and a major port city on the West Coast. The Port of Oakland is the busiest port on the San Francisco Bay and the fifth busiest in the whole United States.

Oakland has situated just six miles away from the city of San Francisco and occupies a region known for its lumber and agriculture.

Seniors interested in retiring to the Oakland region can continue reading to learn about the area’s demographics, climate, amenities, and natural wonders.

The People of Oakland

Oakland has a total population of about 391,000 people according to the 2010 U.S. Census. The ethnic makeup of Oakland is:

26% non-Hispanic white

34% African American

17% Asian

25% Hispanic or Latino

Over 18% of the population is of specifically Mexican descent.

Educationally, Oakland ranks as one of the top 20 American cities for median household income and is among the top cities in the number of residents who possess a bachelor’s degree. The average family income in Oakland is just less than $60,000 per year.

Seniors make up about 11% of the Oakland population as opposed to 34% between the ages of 25 and 44. The average age of Oakland residents is approximately 36 years.

Oakland is Diverse

Among U.S. cities, Oakland is one of the most diverse, reflecting the changes that have been happening in most U.S. cities over the last few decades. Among the 50 biggest American cities, Oakland is just behind San Francisco and Seattle in the number of gays and lesbians living there.

Living in Oakland is living with the vibrancy and multiplicity of cultures that make America home for everyone.

Oakland California Climate and Weather

Oakland shines as a retirement destination when it comes to climate. The climate in Oakland is Mediterranean, with residents enjoying an average of 260 cloudless days each year.

According to the NOAA, the city of Oakland is number one in climate among all U.S. cities. Seniors who retire to Oakland will enjoy a temperate, seasonal climate typified by cool, damp winters and dry, warm summers.

Oakland residents are subject to maritime fog, but the inland location means that it often fades away before midday.

The hot “Diablo” offshore winds are an occasional issue and will raise the summer temperatures well past 90 degrees Fahrenheit, although it is an infrequent event.

Wildlife near Oakland, California

The North Hills of Oakland, California harbor an incredible variety of fauna. Nature lovers can enjoy sightings of the beautiful gray fox, the unique Virginia Opossum (North America’s only marsupial), and the Black-Tailed Mule Deer.

There are nearly 400 plant species that have been identified in the region, many of which are flowering species that are a delight to find.

Active seniors will be delighted to hike the amazing trails of the Redwood Regional Park. The sight of these awesome trees and the easy paths through the forest will overwhelm you with a sense of serene grandeur.

There are many other parks and preserves in the Oakland region that will provide you with easy access to the beauty of the Bay Area.

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