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Oakland Aging In Place

Many seniors would love the opportunity to stay in their homes longer and thankfully they can if they choose to use aging in place services. Aging in place might sound a little funny, but it includes things like homemakers that will cook, clean, and run errands for you as well as home health aides that can monitor your vital signs, help with wound care and daily grooming tasks. These are just a few of the things you can find in Oakland to help you stay in the place you love as long as possible.

How Can I Pay For Services?

You might be worrying about how to afford these services, but there are ways to find financial help. First, your doctor can recommend that you get care and this could help you get reimbursed for the services you use. Veterans can use their VA bill to cover the cost of in-home care and the Alameda County Area Agency on Aging can help seniors who are qualified find financial assistance for the services they need like homemakers or care management.

How Much Will I Pay For Services?

The cost of in-home care isn’t cheap, but it can be more affordable than assisted living or a nursing home. Your total cost will be unique to your location and your situation. If you need care every day, then it will cost more than someone who only needs care a few times a week. The type of care you choose can also change your price.

The national average for in-home care is at $3,800 per month or around $132 per day. Oakland averages are higher than this amount and both homemakers, and home health aides come in around $4,767 per month. This means it costs about $157 per day for in-home care, but it is less expensive than the $350 per day it costs to have a private room in a nursing home.

How Do I Find Services In Oakland?

Since there are so many options for care in Oakland, it’s important to do your homework. Talk with trusted friends and relatives as well as your doctor and see if they have suggestions or can refer you to a good provider. You could also check out the Oakland Better Business Bureau. The website will let you read more about each company and their history as well as provide you with user reviews.

There are a few questions you should ask when you’ve found a few places that have the proper licensing and are insured and bonded. First, ask them about their hiring process. See if they use background checks or other screening methods when they hire their employees. Second, you should make sure you understand all their procedures from scheduling to payments, so you aren’t confused once services start. Finally, if there is a contract to sign, go over it carefully before doing so.

Can I Use Other Types Of In-Home Care?

Yes! Feel free to use whatever kind of care you think will work best for your budget, lifestyle, and schedule. Homemakers and home health aides aren’t the only services out there. With the growth of concierge services, you can find help for just about anything you need.

Pet owners can find all the help they need on, and if you’re looking for a local house cleaner, Handy will be your resource. Favor and TaskRabbit are sites that help you find people to do your chores or errands and is great when you need home repairs or remodels. Amazon Home Services is another helpful resource for everything from car maintenance to lawn care. These services should be researched just as much as any provider before you start using them.

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