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Medicare in Oakland

Medicare allows seniors to pay for the care they need on a regular basis. While the option is not a low-income solution like Medicaid, it is an affordable insurance choice offered to seniors and disabled citizens alike. People must be 65 or older to receive Medicare unless they have a valid reason for needing it early. Numerous resources in Oakland help residents determine which Medicare option is best for them, and how to apply immediately.

Understanding Medicare and Its Parts

Seniors looking to get access to health insurance need to understand all aspects of Medicare. It is not a one-size-fits-all type of program. Each person has the option to choose which components they want, so their health care needs get met appropriately. Part A gets used for any time in the hospital, with an average five-day stay as the norm. Meals get included, so no one goes hungry while they are there.

You use Part B for regular doctor appointments that you need throughout the year, which makes this a more costly option. Part C comes from private companies that want to work with Medicare to offer advantageous plans to customers. You use Part D strictly for prescriptions. It is wise to consider all aspects of a health plan and determine what the monthly costs will be before settling on the parts you want to include.

Statistics and Data of California Medicare

193,891 Medicare beneficiaries reside in Alameda County of Oakland, California.

$1.05 billion got spent on Medicare costs between all recipients.

The average beneficiary age is 71 in Oakland.

The costs equal $8,110 per person in Alameda County.

Oakland Offices for Medicare Applications

The social security office is the place to go when you want to ask questions about Medicare or fill out an application. You can even request a new copy of your Medicare card if it gets lost or stolen. Two social security offices reside in Oakland. One sits at 360 22nd St #400 while the other stands at 7200 Bancroft Ave.

You do not have to go into either of these offices if you do not want to. There are ways to fill out the form without stepping foot in a building. First, call the toll-free number at (800) 772-1213 to get your questions answered. Once you know which documents are required to submit your application, you can mail a paper copy to your local office. You also have the option of applying online through the U.S. Social Security website.

Doctors Offering Medicare Acceptance in Oakland

Look up hospice/palliative care doctors who accept Medicare in Oakland, and you will find over 100 results within the surrounding area. Numerous group practices and individual physicians exist who offer this type of care while accepting the insurance plan most seniors have. The Physician Compare tool on provides an easy way to search doctors in the Oakland area. Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation, Permanente Medical Group Inc, and Alameda Health System are some of the matching choices.

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