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How to Get Around Oakland Without Driving

One of the largest cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, requires transportation to get around. Many seniors forgo having a vehicle of their own due to the many health problems that make it difficult to drive. Rather than risk your safety, and lose out on money thanks to the high costs of owning a vehicle, you can seek out transportation services to get you where you need. Numerous options exist in Oakland that can take you around town.

AC Transit

AC Transit provides Alameda County’s busing system. Seniors over 65 and those who are disabled receive a discount on fares. For just $1.05, you can get a single ride. For $2.50, you earn a day pass that lets you on and off for the entire day. Seniors can also choose to pay $20 and obtain a monthly pass that is good for the whole calendar month. Local rides within the East Bay are permitted.

Oakland Taxi

Multiple taxi options exist in the city, but Oakland Taxi is one of the top picks. The cab company provides services 24/7, ensuring anyone can get a ride no matter the time of day. Call 1-510-444-9191 to request services. You can choose to get picked up in a taxi or a town car. The town car has a slightly higher cost but appears more sophisticated if you’re going somewhere important.

Oakland Paratransit for the Elderly & Disabled

OPED exists to ensure all senior and disabled members of society get transported safely to their destinations. Wheelchair van service is the most common, although the company works with cab services as well to find people rides. The driver will come to your door and assist you to the vehicle, or you can meet them curbside. Call 510-287-5000 to apply for this transportation option.

Not only does OPED take you to appointments or to run errands, but they also offer a senior group trip program. Groups at senior centers or assisted living communities can rent an appropriate transport vehicle to attend gatherings or social activities in the city. You can go up to 45 miles from the pick-up address for a cheap reservation fee. To make a reservation, call 510-238-3905.

Gaining Access to Transportation

Oakland offers a variety of carriage services above what is listed here. If you want to obtain access to additional transportation methods and find out which options are available to you, you can contact the Alameda Social Services Agency. They act as the Agency on Aging in the city and will provide you with information regarding available assistance programs for transport. Call the office at (510) 577-3530 or use the hotline number, 1(800) 510-2020, to reach a representative and ask for help.

If you prefer to walk or bike, take a look at the Oakland Transportation services website. Truck routes and prohibited streets are listed, as well as accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclist within construction zones. In 2014, Oakland got cited as a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community for having so many pathways and funding for bicycle projects over the years.

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