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Norfolk Veterans Benefits

Norfolk is home to the country’s largest naval station, so the city is no stranger to veterans. Veterans in this town have easy access to plenty of programs that can help them use their benefits to their full potential. Health care provides support with primary care as well as special needs including support for veterans with disabilities, mental health checks, and substance abuse treatment programs. Veterans can also get help with things like housing, finances, and employment in Norfolk.

Health Care for Veterans in Norfolk

While many veterans need access to quality care, some don’t know how to use their benefits or even what their benefits cover. According to the VA, all active members and veterans with a discharge other than dishonorable have access to health care benefits. That group also includes members of the National Guard and the Reserves who served during a federally ordered time. Priority groups help sort the applications and process requests.

Norfolk veterans can use the Hampton VA Medical Center for their health needs. Senior veterans can find access to primary care, mental health wellness, treatment for chronic diseases, in-home care, hospice services, and adult day care center. Caregivers for veterans can also use the VA and find support through groups, respite care, and counseling.

Housing Assistance for Veterans in Norfolk

The Veterans Navigator can help all Virginia veterans learn more about their benefits and how to use them. There are a few housing services that can help veterans looking to buy a home. These include:

Home loans that allow veterans a guaranteed loan at a low-interest rate. This loan can also be used to build a home rather than purchase one.

There are also home modification loans for veterans. These can come in a few different varieties depending on the need of the veteran and their family. They can repair broken homes, modify homes to help veterans with disabilities, or remodel a home to accommodate the needs of the family.

Virginia also has a few veteran homes in the area for senior veterans that need long-term care.

Homeless veterans also have options and support in Virginia. The Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority can help homeless vets find transitional and permanent housing. Virginia Supportive Housing can not only help homeless veterans but those returning to civilian life for the first time. Transitioning back can be hard, and the services offered here can make it easier.

More Veteran Resources in Norfolk

The city of Norfolk Veteran Services and Military Affairs has a few programs to help veterans in the area. LifeCents VALOR program helps educate veterans and their families about finances and promotes better financial health and well-being. The city also partners with Goodwill to offer veterans employment opportunities and training.

Virginia Department of Veterans Services also has employment services. Veterans can continue their education at local colleges or go right into the workforce and receive on the job training. There are also local job listings and transition assistance programs to help veterans get back on their feet once they return home.

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