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Norfolk Support Groups for Caregivers

Everyone needs to get a break from work, and the same is true for caregivers. You work hard to take care of your loved one, which can drain you emotionally and physically. Local government agencies, nonprofits, and health care systems are offering caregivers assistance with respite care, education, in-home services, and support groups. Below are some groups in the Norfolk area to assist you with your caregiving job.

Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia

Senior Services is a regional organization that supports seniors and their families with services, education, support systems, and advocacy. They provide a variety of services to help the caregiver.  Their resource specialists will help you find services and support systems. They offer services such as:

In-home care

Senior Centers

Wellness classes

Medicare counseling

Caregiver support

iRide Transit

Medications management

Call 757.461.9481 today to learn more about these programs and get the help you need.

The Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Virginia

The Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Virginia supports caregivers and patients through programs such as education, respite care, health care, and support groups.  If you are unable to attend meetings, there is an extensive online library with information on the disease and a virtual community with fellow caregivers from across the United States.

Help is at your fingertips around the clock by calling the Helpline at 1.800.272.3900.  This dedicated line can help you find programs, training, care consultation, caregiving tips, or just an ear for emotional support.

You can attend the Day for Caregivers Education Conference to learn more about the disease, learn about successful caregiving strategies, research updates, and local programs and services.  There are also extensive materials online to learn about the disease.

The Association can also help you find area services quickly through their online Community Resource Finder.

Contact the local office at 757.459.2405 or call the Helpline to explore various services from the Association.

Support for Veterans

If your loved one is a veteran, there are services for you as the caregiver through the Hampton VA Medical Center. Programs and services to assist veteran caregivers include:

Peer support groups to share stories and resources

Caregiver support line at 855.260.3274 to find services and answer all questions

Home health aides

Skilled nursing care in the home

Hospice home care

Respite care at adult day centers

Respite care at home

If you would like to learn more about these programs, contact your local caregiver support manager at 757.722.9961.

Virginia Caregiver Support

Virginia offers caregivers support with various services such as companion, homemaker, meal delivery, transportation, and in-home care. They also offer support groups for emotional support and idea exchanges.  Most of these services are free of charge, but some do have a cost.

You can also search the Virginia Navigator website to find area services for caregivers by putting in your zip code.

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