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Norfolk Senior Centers

Many Norfolk Senior Centers offer a wide variety of activities so every elder in the community can find something they enjoy. Bingo and other games, arts and crafts, weight and aerobics training, singing and dancing, joining a singles group, and even group trips all exist to keep seniors busy and enjoying life. Check out the variety of options so you can find your new favorite activity.

Bingo and Other Games for Older Adults

Games seem to be what many seniors are after on most days. They want to get together with other retirees and play a round of Scrabble or game of cards. Many enjoy attending Bingo as well. If these activities are on your mind, look into the options provided at the Prime Plus Norfolk Senior Center.

Arts and Crafts

Many other seniors come for the arts and crafts. Whether they want just to make some cards, craft a birdhouse out of popsicle sticks, or complete a full woodworking class, there are multiple activities to keep people busy. Art painting and scrapbooking are two options as well.

Weight and Aerobics Training

The Active Adult Program through Prime Plus focuses on fitness and wellness for elders. There is a full schedule set to ensure a variety of options make the list. Table tennis, tai chi, Core on the Floor, a balance instruction, weight training, aerobics training, and more fill the list to provide a possibility for everyone. You can join in for particular class times or ask about using the weight room by yourself when no groups have the space occupied.

Singing and Dancing

Singing, dancing, and acting are some of the top choices for seniors. They want to explore areas of life they may not have got to before. Perhaps they have always had a knack for it, but it never got anywhere. Now at this age with no day job to hold them back, many seniors attempt to at least find lessons they can take to help perfect their craft. If you want to go even further, you can speak with a local theater company about acting and see what opportunities they have available.

Singles Groups

Single and ready to mingle is a phrase on many seniors’ minds. If you want to put yourself out there, it may be time to look into some singles groups in the area. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people in Norfolk, particularly by getting together in a local setting and conversing over shared interests. If you are not looking to date, you can join regular senior meetup groups instead. Hampton Road Hikers, Over 45 Singles Group, and Virginia Beach Social Meetup are just a few of the possibilities nearby.

Group Trips

Towne Bank works with senior partners to provide excursions and group trips to those who enjoy travel. Some experiences are as simple as heading to the nearest casino for an evening of fun, while others take the group outside the city. Look into the various options and pricing and see which ones catch your interest.

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