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Norfolk Rehab Centers

Recovering from a stroke, surgery, severe illness, or heart attack can be tough; this is why nursing homes and rehabilitation centers offer a transition period before the patient goes home.  During recovery you will work on regaining strength, independence, mobility, and learn new methods to live independently once again. Nursing homes provide the recommended therapy required for the road to recovery and offer daily care with a variety of treatments. Here are some ideas of what to look for in a rehab facility and information on insurance coverage.

Set Your Expectations for Rehab

You will go to rehab after your hospital stay until you are strong enough to go home.  You may see various names for services such as short-term, post-acute, or transitional, but they are all the same.  Once you are ready to enter rehab, the staff will evaluate your current condition. The rehab facility will then create a recovery plan for you to implement during your stay.

These plans vary among patients. For example, a surgery patient will need to focus on getting balance, the range of motion, and manage pain.  Stroke patients may demand additional therapy for speech. These services will be available at rehab facilities daily or most of the week depending on the therapist’s availability.  There will be expert nursing care all day and night to assist you.

Beginning Your Rehab Search

You have choices for your rehab care in the Norfolk area. rated these two facilities positively:

Autumn Care of Norfolk helps patients recover from illness, surgery, or injury.  All treatment plans are personalized to meet each individual’s needs. Patients work with a team to complete physical, occupational, and speech therapy to gain independence.

Envoy of Thornton Hall has a Journey Home Program to ensure each patient’s return home is successful. Each patient gets an individualized recovery plan.

Your doctor will also provide you with recommendations and suggestions on facilities that offer the care that works best for you and your condition.

Relevant Standards

Asking for referrals and advice from others is an excellent source of honest feedback, and be sure to review online comments.  You want the facility to be clean.  If you can, tour the facilities to meet the staff since you will be interacting with them on a daily basis.  You want a warm and inviting staff to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The most important thing to check is that the facility accepts Medicare or is Medicaid-certified.


Medicare does cover skilled nursing care with the conditions below:

Medicare Part A covers this stay, so you need this coverage with days available in your benefit period.

You were in the hospital for three consecutive days (not including the admission day).

The medical condition requires rehab services, which your doctor can prescribe.

Check that the facility does accept Medicare.  Be aware that Medicare does not cover some services.  Review your recovery plan with your doctor, so you don’t have any surprise expenses. If you don’t qualify for Medicare, check out long-term care insurance or Medicaid to cover this care.

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