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Norfolk Nursing Homes

Nursing homes all over the country provide safe places for seniors to reside. While some offer basic safety and services, others are much more advanced, providing high-quality services and amenities in a state-of-the-art facility. Norfolk has plenty of these advanced options if you desire a living space with game rooms, dining halls, activities, and more. You will always be entertained in places like these. Examine our list of the Norfolk nursing facilities and see how they measure up against the rest of the U.S.

Fast Facts on Nursing Homes

According to the sources;; and Genworth Cost of Care Survey Virginia:

A private nursing home room in Norfolk costs $6,844 on average per month.

Expect to spend more than $82,000 per year on nursing home services.

Medicare certifies 19 nursing homes within 10 miles of Norfolk.

Bon Secours Depaul is one of the most popular options in the city.

Three nursing homes in Norfolk and surrounding areas are considered much above average.

How Long is a Typical Nursing Home Stay?

Your length of stay will vary greatly from another person’s. While you might choose to live at a nursing facility for years, another person may only move in during the last few months of life. Some even arrive for just a few short weeks before returning to their normal lives.

The services you need determine your length of stay in some aspects. For someone who stays for just a couple weeks, it is because they are well enough to live alone yet need physical therapy to get them moving properly like before. Perhaps they suffered an accident or had an illness. Treatment for a few weeks will improve their strength and help them learn to remain balanced and coordinated each day.

Women often stay longer than men because they live longer. As a woman, you may find yourself staying in a home for 2.6 years. As a man, 2.3 years is the average duration. The difference between a married person and a single individual also proves evident. Married couples do not usually need to stay as long because they remain in the home with their spouse for as long as possible. A person who remains unattached needs the companionship and assistance that a nurse brings for a longer timeframe.

Services Provided in Nursing Homes

You might have special needs, such as requiring regular kidney dialysis, memory care for Alzheimer's, or treatment for a terminal disease. Many nursing facilities offer specialty services for these requirements. You need to disclose this information with the nursing home you hope to get into so you can be sure they can accommodate you.

Therapy options vary between physical, occupational, and speech. Ther physical therapy room comes equipped with exercise equipment, stairs, grab bars, and other items that help make the process of balancing and relearning how to walk easier. Your therapist may work with you each day until you develop a better range of motion. Occupational and speech therapy options may get offered in the comfort of your room.

Dietary services also prove necessary. You need to eat each day. Most facilities have a dining hall where everyone eats together. It prevents you from remaining in your room alone at meal times. The chef on-site provides a range of menu items for you to choose. They are always healthy options that meet dietary requirements. If you have special dietary needs, your doctor can discuss that with the center so you can get the nutrition you require.

Medical and personal care are the two main options offered. A nurse will assist you with anything you need, including medication management, checking your vitals, eating, or bathing. If you cannot complete a task on your own, ask your nurse and she will be happy to help.

Nursing Home Rates in Norfolk

Expect to pay an average price of $82,125 for a Norfolk nursing home private room. This price is well below the U.S. average of just over $91,000 per year, making Norfolk an ideal location for seniors to settle. You can save even more money by opting for a semi-private room. You still get access to all the amenities and meals the price includes. You just have to share your central living space with a roommate. The price of this option does not usually reach past $75,000 per year.

Insurance is your go-to option for paying off these costs. Apply for Medicare and Medicaid before you attempt to get into a home. If they approve you, you will have a way to pay a significant portion of your expenses. Private insurance options are a possibility as well, but they usually require a heftier deductible and greater fees. You can also pay out-of-pocket if you desire. Many people resort to selling their homes to pay for the nursing care they need for the remainder of their lives.

What to Look for in a Nursing Home

When you are ready to select a nursing home, be sure to consider every aspect you genuinely desire. Do you want a home that offers a full menu, or do you not have much of an appetite to where a varied menu matters? Would you like to participate in an assortment of activities, or is the quiet time in your own room all you need? Is a friendly and courteous staff important to you? Do you want a clean atmosphere that is well-maintained? All of these aspects need to be considered to find the right place for your taste.

Consider speaking with friends and neighbors to find recommended locations in Norfolk. They may know of a few places to visit and have ideas on which destinations to avoid. Visit all of their suggested options and see for yourself which ones take the cake. If you are still stuck on the best choice, contact the Virginia Association of Area Agencies on Aging. They can point you in the right direction.

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