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Norfolk Funeral Homes

Never leave the decision-making up to Norfolk funeral home directors. You may think it will make the process easier, but many for-profit companies pretend to be your friend while picking the most expensive package options that you have to pay. Choosing some things in advance and setting a budget will help you find the best choices for you based on the money you are willing to spend.

Things to Choose Before Picking Your Services

Do you want a package deal? Would you prefer lower prices? Are you purchasing a unique casket elsewhere or buying from the funeral home? These are only a few questions to consider before settling on the final arrangements for your loved one’s funeral. State and federal regulations make it possible for you to have choices, as many funeral parlors would try to force you into a package deal that may not be as sweet as they make it sound. The Federal Trade Commission understands how difficult the process can be and wants to make it go as smoothly as possible for all consumers.

The use of alternative containers, caskets, and urns from other establishments, embalming, seeing written price lists, and more get detailed by the FTC. Look at the full list of your rights as a customer under federal law and know what you need to do before picking services.

Selecting Your Funeral Home Based on Your Top Criteria

Meet with friends and family to discuss potential funeral homes in the Norfolk area. Chances are, someone will have either attended a funeral or planned one themselves and have helpful advice on places to use and businesses to avoid. Not all options will work for you as they did for them, but they are worth looking into if they have a solid recommendation from someone you trust.

Start by looking at the Better Business Bureau. The website lets you know which companies have high customer ratings and have been in business for an extended time, and which places have just started or had low scores. Look for places with grades of B or better.

You should also consider prices before making your choice. The Federal Trade Commission has a checklist of prices and services that will help you pinpoint precisely what it is you need for the service. If you look at the list carefully and determine the best options for you, you will have a planned out funeral with expenses considered before your loved one even passes.

Choosing Your Budget for the Services You Desire

Making funeral arrangements is made a bit easier when you have a budget set. You cannot allow yourself to go overboard on spending and choosing extravagant options that are unnecessary. If you stick to a plan and keep things minimal, you can still have a beautiful funeral within reason. Speak to various funeral home directors to see where you can save and what other affordable options they may have available. You want the event to be elegant without being over the top and over budget.

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