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Norfolk Assisted Living

Assisted living and nursing homes are often on people’s minds as uncool places to be. Many seniors believe once they move to one of these locations they no longer have a life of their own. This sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. An assisted living facility gives seniors the opportunity to live on their own while receiving the care and attention they need. There are meals provided in a restaurant-like setting, daily activities to participate in, and numerous amenities to enjoy. The city of Norfolk has all sorts of assisted living possibilities to choose from, as long as you know what you’re looking to find. Consider the costs and options, and you will have a new home in no time.

Estimated Amount for Norfolk Assisted Living

You cannot make your moving decision before knowing the average Norfolk prices for assisted living. You may have to choose a location based on what you can afford, rather than what you actually desire. The cost of living is slightly lower in Norfolk than it is in average cities across the U.S. While you can expect to pay a median price of $3,600 per month in other cities, you only have to pay $3,269 in Norfolk. You will be spending roughly $39,228 per year on living expenses.

The Best of 2017 winner, Commonwealth Senior Living at Leigh Hall, costs upwards of $5,000 per month. With multiple room options to choose from, an elegant dining room, and therapy services, it is well worth the price. Province Place of De Paul costs around $4,000 on average, saving you money. The facility sits near many local hotspots for residents to enjoy during their time away. Either option can be ideal as long as it meets your particular needs and desires.

Expected Living Circumstances at an Assisted Living Facility

When you move to an assisted living facility, expect to participate in daily activities. Most sites recommend that seniors stay active and engaged by exercising, walking the grounds, and spending time completing activities with other residents. It also allows you to stay social and interact with others. That is part of the reason why everyone is encouraged to eat together in the dining area. Meals are served three times a day, with nutritious options to select off the menu.

Some locations vary in what they offer. While one could be pet-friendly, another is pet-free. One facility might focus on religion, while another is a luxury establishment that provides any and all desires, including having an ice cream parlor and barber shop on-site.

Pinpointing Assisted Living in Norfolk

Determine the part of town where you want to live, the amenities you want access to, and the various features you hope to find. Deciding on these aspects now helps you narrow your search results so you can focus on which assisted living locations to tour soon. Not all options will meet your standards, so why waste your time on visiting places you know do not fit your criteria? You can also seek advice from friends and family. They may have a few locations you can add to your list, or they might pinpoint some places in Norfolk that match what’s already on your list.

Once you have finished asking around, check online to find reviews from former residents. They will have some information on the most positive and negative aspects of each facility. You could find one of your favorites on the list is considered a travesty by many others.

Locate a senior advisor with the help of your local Area Agency on Aging. The person you work with should have advanced knowledge of senior living options in the city of Norfolk and surrounding areas. He or she can help you narrow your search even further, or just go with you on your tours to make sure all the right questions get answered.

How Do You Pay for Assisted Living?

The initial shock of seeing such a high price for assisted living can turn people off from the experience. Rest assured that it is a far better option to live in a community like this than it is to remain at home alone in a time of need. You are not only paying for the room rental but all the amenities that come with it. You just need to find a way to pay.

Consider Insurance Options

Various choices exist for insurance. You can choose to apply for a federally-funded option, such as Medicaid or Medicare, or you can seek a private policy through an insurance agency. Whatever you decide, you will have co-pays to handle, premiums to pay, and expenses to take care of after the insurance handles their portion of the costs. Medicaid is the best option in many people’s eyes because it is a very low cost. You do not have to pay much for it because of the income requirements, but you still receive a significant amount of coverage.

Look into Veteran’s Benefits

Veterans have funding options available; they just need to apply for benefits. Visit your local VA center, the Norfolk Vet Center, to speak to someone about the application process. It can take months for the paperwork to go through and get approved, but the date gets backtracked, so you receive compensation from the date you applied. The building sits at 1711 Church Street, Suites A&B. You can also call at 757-623-7584. The facility has various hours but typically remains open from 8 am to 4:30 pm. On Mondays and Wednesdays, the place stays open until 7:30 pm. You can make an appointment if you need to get in touch with people during non-operating hours.

After looking into the costs and amenities, along with any other details for each facility, you can make an informed decision regarding which location you'll call home. With so many options in the city, it can seem difficult to choose. Narrowing your choices based on friendly reviews and advice helps a considerable amount, as does a tour of the facilities. You can also look at SeniorAdvisor to find a list of all the award-winning providers in the Norfolk and surrounding areas.

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