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Medicare in Norfolk

Norfolk seniors spend a lot of money on their health care and with limited budgets that can be difficult. Many older adults use Medicare to pay for their health needs or supplement their insurance. In Norfolk, 29,368 people use Medicare, and most are seniors. If you have Medicare and need help finding services and providers or would just like to get more information on this program, some resources can help.

What Medicare Covers

This federally funded health care plan is for seniors that are 65 or older and some people with disabilities. Medicare comes with four parts, and each takes care of various medical services and needs.

Part A is for inpatient services which include staying at the hospital or nursing home. It also includes hospice care and some in-home services.

Part B is for medical services which include going to the doctor, outpatient care, and preventative services.

Part C is called the Medicare Advantage Plan. This plan allows private insurance to cover any Part A or B services and then offer their own prescription plan.

Part D let’s Original Medicare plans add on a prescription coverage plan.

Medicare Facts for Norfolk

Most Medicare funds go to inpatient services in Norfolk followed by outpatient care.

In Norfolk, Medicare spends the most money on Part B drugs per user compared to national averages.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes are the three most prevalent conditions in Norfolk.

The median age of Medicare recipients is 72.

Most Medicare users in Norfolk use fee-for-service plans instead of the Medicare Advantage Plan.

Offices for Medicare Assistance in Norfolk

If you’re looking for help with Medicare, there are a few locations you can find in your area. Virginia is a part of Region 3, for Medicare and the central office for that area is in Philadelphia. The Social Security Office in Norfolk is a local place you can go for help. While they handle Social Security matters, this office can also help with applying for benefits or getting a new Medicare card.

Norfolk Social Security Office

First Floor

5850 Lake Herbert Drive

Norfolk, VA 23502

(800) 772-1213

This office is near the Norfolk Technical Center and Wachovia Bank right off the Military Highway. You can visit Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm but only until noon on Wednesdays. While it isn’t required, it’s highly suggested that you call ahead and arrange an appointment to cut down on wait time.

Finding A Provider in Norfolk

If you’re looking for a provider in Norfolk, you can use a few different tools to find what you need. Physician Compare allows you to enter search filters to find a provider that offers Medicare and fits your needs. A quick search of geriatric medicine in Norfolk found over 70 results in a 10-mile radius. You can look for other medical specialists or narrow your search by only looking for fee-for-service providers.

You can also learn more about each doctor or group by clicking on the name in the search list. You can find an address for the office, see if they have hospital privileges, and see what board certifications they have.

You can also find nursing homes that accept Medicare with the Nursing Home Compare tool. There are at least 37 homes within 25 miles of Norfolk. With the tool, you can compare up to three at a time and see their overall rating or health inspections. You can do similar things with the other tools on for dialysis centers, rehabilitative services, and more.

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