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Medicaid in Norfolk

The Virginia state Medicaid system was established to ensure that the most vulnerable of the state’s residents will have equal access to critical and routine medical care services.

Medicaid is a lifeline for the majority of Virginians residing in nursing homes in Norfolk and throughout the state. Many seniors aged 65 years and over, that need the services of a nursing facility, rely on Medicaid to various degrees for the care that they need.

Virginia Medicaid provides medical coverage for certain groups of pregnant women who need pre and post-natal care as well as the quality obstetrical and pediatric care that keeps them and their newborn children healthy.

Virginians who need extensive medical care or are disabled can also take advantage of the Medicaid program. The program is a safety net for recent, undocumented immigrants who need emergency medical care, and provides low-income state residents with high-quality medical care at no charge.

If you think you’re going to need Medicaid to pay for the treatment and prescription drugs that you need, continue reading and learn:

What services Medicaid will cover

Who should apply for Virginia Medicaid

How you can get to medical appointments when you can’t afford transportation

Qualifying for Medicaid in Norfolk

The Virginia Medicaid program is available to broad categories of people who may not be able to access quality medical care otherwise. Seniors aged 65 years and over are eligible to apply to Virginia Medicaid for a wide range of geriatric care.

Seniors who are enrolled in Virginia Medicaid can access:

Physicians who are specially trained in geriatric medicine

Emergency medical care including cardiac surgery and stroke treatment

Comprehensive oncological care for seniors suffering from various forms of cancer

Fully paid prescription drug coverage

Senior homeowners may be worried that owning property will disqualify them from the program; they don’t have to be concerned. The value of your property is not a consideration in the Medicaid application process.

Medicaid is open to people in other categories as well:

State residents who are anticipated to be disabled for at least a year may be eligible for benefits.

Virginians who will require at least 30 days of continuous medical care can also apply for Virginia Medicaid benefits.

Minor children (under age 18) are also eligible to apply for Medicaid program benefits.

Assistance with Your Norfolk Medicaid Application

Begin by visiting the Virginia Medicaid web portal and starting the online application process. If applicants need help completing the process or have questions they can call 804-786-6145 and speak to Medicaid representative.

What Does Norfolk Medicaid Cover?

Virginia Medicaid provides comprehensive coverage for all plan members that includes all doctor-prescribed treatments, surgeries, and prescription drugs

Transportation to Norfolk Medical Appointments

Visit the Virginia Medicaid DMAS website to learn how to access non-emergency medical care transportation to and from prescheduled medical appointments. Medicaid transportation will be provided by a private transportation company contracted and paid for by Virginia Medicaid.

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