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How to Get Around Norfolk Without Driving

With more than 96 square miles making up all of Norfolk, residents have to find a means of transportation to get around. Seniors often stop driving once their eyesight becomes weak or other ailments set in, leaving them without a vehicle to transport themselves from one destination to another. Public transportation, senior service organizations, and other options exist that ensure you can get from point A to point B with no problem.

The Norfolk Bus System

Hampton Roads Transit provides the most common method of transportation in Norfolk. The bus system offers more than 20 routes, ensuring there is a safe place for everyone to get on when they need. Seniors age 65 and older can show an I.D. and get a discount on the fare prices. The half-fare cost saves a ton on rides throughout the year. Purchase a one-trip ticket, 1-day GoPass, 3-day GoPass, or full 30-day option.

Cab Services

Taxi services are also available in Norfolk. Yellow Cab of Norfolk, Norfolk Checker Taxi, and Yellow Cab of Virginia Beach provide three main taxi services in the area. Numerous other options also exist, ensuring there is plenty of opportunity to get a cab and make your way home. Check out each option to find the service with the most reasonable prices. Some also only operate in particular areas. Both Yellow Cab possibilities allow you to use the App-a-Cab app to request a ride. You can also call 757-855-7388 to speak with someone directly.

Senior-Centered Transportation Programs

BrightStar Care offers not only home care services, but also transportation. The companion services provided by this company ensure all seniors requiring transit to a location within Norfolk get to their destination safely. Someone will drive you to your appointments, help you pick up prescriptions, run your errands, and even just take you to visit with family or friends. They may also handle some tasks for you if you are not feeling up to it.

The Virginia Division for the Aging has an Elderly and Disabled Transportation Fund for the sole purpose of collecting donations to help offer transit to all residents who qualify. With money available, seniors in Norfolk can get rides to their appointments or out to the grocery store. You can contact the agency if you are in need of a ride and need to utilize these services. Drivers need advance notice.

Seeking Help with Transportation in Norfolk

Visit the Virginia state website at to seek help with transportation in all areas of the state, including Norfolk. The site lists various methods for non-emergency transportation when you need to get somewhere. LogistiCare arranged rides to medical appointments for those who have Medicaid. Phone their call center at 1-866-386-8331 to set up a ride. You need to give at least five days’ notice.

The care center also provides tickets for public transportation. If you are capable of making it onto a bus, the center will pay for your ticket and ensure you get a ride that way. All rides are for medical appointments only.

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