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How Much Does Norfolk Assisted Living Cost

Norfolk has tons of options for assisted living. People in need of a hand with daily activities can get the assistance they require at one of these establishments. Before you decide on a facility, you need to know as much as you can about each option. You need to see how much it will cost, what services they offer, and what exactly you’ll be getting for your money. Look at this rundown of the assisted living services and costs in the area to discover the best possibility for your needs.

The term “assisted living” refers to any services used to help people meet their daily living needs. Perhaps someone has trouble bathing alone, and could use the help of a nurse to do it for them. Another person may need help making meals. A helper can assist with this as well. There are numerous other tasks you get help with at an assisted living facility, including:

Medication reminders

Reminders about appointments

Transportation to appointments, worship services, or the store

Preparation of healthy meals and snacks

Linen laundry service

Checking the Facts on Norfolk Assisted Living

There are dozens of licensed facilities in Norfolk.

Some establishments are small homes with just a few beds, while others are large campuses with more than 100 beds for residents.

Type A communities provide a place for independent residents to reside who can handle themselves in an emergency.

The Virginia Board of Long-Term Care Administrators issues licenses for assisted living administrators and managers.

Looking at the Costs of Norfolk Assisted Living

The Norfolk area falls in line with prices in the surrounding cities of Newport News and Virginia Beach. Residents in each of these cities can expect to pay $3,269 per month for a single occupancy room at an assisted living center. This amount is slightly less than the national average, which reaches $3,600. At just $39,228 per year, this price is doable for many seniors.

The price is expected to drop over the next five years. With a negative two percent decrease in costs, the amount for assisted living in Norfolk will be even more affordable. You can get a one-room location with plenty of amenities for less than $39,000 per year. This amount is far less than what you pay for house insurance, utilities, and taxes combined.

Questions Regarding Costs

You need to compare assisted living options in the area so you can be sure you find the right one for your needs. There are tons of questions to ask that will help you make an informed decision. You need to know what you are getting for your money, what services are available for free and which ones cost extra, and what happens if there is a sudden change in the care plan.

Be sure to ask:

Do you have a disclosure form I can look at to see the services offered and any associated fees?

Do you offer a continuum of care and does it cost extra?

Can I get a copy of the residency agreement?

Do any non-profit programs help with expense coverage?

Is it easy to understand the billing and payment process?

Do you accept Medicaid?

Can I use my long-term care insurance at your establishment?

Do I need renters’ insurance?

Can guests spend the night, and if so, is there an associated fee?

Do you include snacks in the meal plan cost?

Which housekeeping services do I receive?

Do I have to pay a fee to use transportation?

Which utilities cost extra?

Is there a pet deposit or cleaning fee when moving in or out?

When choosing an assisted living community, you first need the answer to all these questions. You cannot make an accurate decision without having all the answers. Ask the administrator at each building so you have a full understanding of what to expect from their facility.

Finding Ways to Save

You can save on costs without reducing the quality of your care. Start by determining if you need to live in an assisted living facility now or if you can utilize at-home services for the time being. It costs far less to have a caregiver tend to your needs a few hours a day than it does to live in a fully secured setting.

Getting a roommate is another solution. Some facilities are single occupancy only, meaning a roommate is not an option. If you want to go this route to save on costs, you will have to find a facility that has double occupancy suites available. You each get a bed but share the main living quarters.

A sliding-scale pay rate applies to many non-profit assisted living communities. You should ask about this option when you first tour the facility. If they have a sliding scale available, the administrator can help you determine how much you could expect to pay at this facility if you were to reside there.

Finding Ways to Pay

Insurance is the first option to consider when it comes time to pay. Medicaid is one of the best options because it is specifically meant for low-income individuals who need assistance paying for medical care. They cover a large portion of the costs. You can apply for Medicare as well, which is meant for seniors, or you can find a long-term care plan through a private company.

If you are a veteran, contact your local VA to learn about the benefits you have access to now. You may be able to be compensated for your troubles and get some money that can go toward your living expenses. A volunteer at the organization can help you apply to ensure you handle the paperwork correctly. It typically takes a few months for everything to go through, so be sure to start as soon as possible.

Find assisted living in Norfolk near you.