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Newark Veterans Support Groups

Newark has upped its game for veteran options across the city. Although many now have a place to call home, many veterans are still in need of support and guidance on other relevant topics, such as health care and filing claims for benefits. Take a look at this comprehensive list to discover options both near and far that can help provide the resources needed.

Locating Local Resources

The Newark Regional Benefit Office sits at 20 Washington Place. If you need guidance on veterans affairs, including obtaining benefits, finding a job that matches your qualifications, locating housing, or any other matters, a representative will provide you with the answers you require.

Rutgers is a local option for people looking to either get into the military or find information after they have completed their duty. You can get a list of resources directly on their website, or speak with an advisor about options nearby that you can use.

Finding State Services

New Jersey offers a veterans guide to resources in the state. Check out the full list to find nearby options you can utilize. Medical centers, valet service, support assistance, transition assistance, and other resources are all included in the guide.

Community Hope has become one of the largest networks for homeless veterans in New Jersey. The facility, which opened in 2004, has grown exponentially, helping thousands of veterans find homes or resources for other necessities, including health care and recovery services.

Needing National Support

The VFW is an important organization for veterans. The national group has positions all throughout the country, ensuring there is a place for all veterans to come together for support. One post offers a monthly meeting in Newark at 40 Barbara St. Post 712 Hennessey-Baione has Edward Lenard as commander and Curt Kordowski as quartermaster. Sessions take place on the fourth Saturday of every month at 2 pm.

The second option is Post 9015 Randall-Anderson. Located at 349 Mulberry St, you can attend the meeting on the second Sunday each month at 2 pm. Go to both of these locations or choose the one closest to you and you will have plenty of others to discuss your thoughts and opinions with regularly.

Recognizing Veterans in Newark

Each year, Newark hosts its own Veteran’s Day Parade. It takes place downtown with many members of the military joining in to march through parts of town. While many people walk, there are some that travel by truck or car to add some other elements to the event. You will see flags galore at this show.

Parades and fancy celebrations are not the only ways to recognize veterans. Many Newark shops and restaurants offer discounts and deals on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day to honor those who are still with us after fighting a hard battle. Some restaurants offer a fully free meal, while others have lower prices, such as 20% off. Stores usually follow suit with the 20% off option, and often offer a higher deal on particular products they are trying to sell.

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